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May 29, 2022

Basescu dismantles Poroshenko’s warning: Romania will NOT be attacked by Russia

Romania will not become Russia’s military target, as it find itself under the protecting wing of NATO,
president Basescu stated. PM Ponta: True battle against Russia involves energy, not conventional weapons.

Following Ukrainean president Petro Poroshenko’s statement that if Ukraine will not receive support, Russia may target other European capitals, Romanian president Traian Basescu vehemently asserted late on Sunday: “I wanted to react yesterday, but I understood the situation Poroshenko was in. President Poroshenko is in a situation in which he thought he could liquidate the separatists’ problem with the national army of Ukraine. He saw that it is not possible. He saw he is forced to close a ceasefire, which I tell you in inverted commas that will degenerate into an armistice and the loss of the control of a rather large territory. By granting autonomy as he says, I do not know what will remain of Kiev’s authority in those territories and he probably tried to give an explanation,” Basescu said in remarks for the reporters. The president added: “I want you to know I categorically disagree with him. There has been an incursion into the eastern flank. It is exactly the one for which NATO, its 28 members are putting their military resources together to defend that flank. No matter how big Russia is, one cannot cope with 28 states, which include the United States, France, Britain, Germany, if we talk of modern military capabilities and the logistic for conducting such a conflict. Therefore, I’ve understood President Poroshenko. I wouldn’t want anyone to see this as a reaction to the statement he made yesterday, but I want to assure you such a scenario does not stand.”
Basescu underscored such a scenario is related to 0.01 percent irrationality, as part of which it should be considered that an armed aggression of Russia might take place.
“Such a scenario does not stand. Such a thing is 99 percent impossible to take place, i.e. an aggression of the Russian Federation against Romania. But there remains 0.01 percent that says the irrational can still work and then, as a head of state, I do not have the right to overlook this security crisis in the region and to not ask our allies, together with us to guarantee the security of Romania against the irrational too,” the president said.
He added that after the NATO summit in Newport, Romania too will have a plan of contingency and action plans in case of some attack by land, air or water. The president reminded that Romania and Bulgaria, unlike Poland and the Baltic states or Turkey which do have such contingency and action plans in case they would become targets of some attacks, din not have such measures taken because they were seen as “countries outside the risk of military attack”.
“The modification after this summit is that Romania too has now a contingency plan, an action plan if attacked. These scenarios aim at the variant of Romania being attacked by sea, by land, by air, and the action plan is giving the solutions of defending Romania next to its military forces,” the president said. He underlined that the allied countries will cover, based on the principle of solidarity, the costs of a military defense operation of Romania, as much as our country has supported the costs of its troops’ presence in Afghanistan. Basescu also said that according to a decision made by NATO Summit in Wales, the land, air and sea military presence of the Alliance will increase in its eastern part, Romania included. He stressed that Romania, following the summit meeting, will be defended in the event of an aggression by the Russian Federation, “in any scenario” and that U.S. President Barack Obama told the Wales gathering that the U.S. forces will be present in the Black Sea, where they will take part in exercises alongside the Romanian and Bulgarian forces.
PM Ponta: The battle against Russia won’t include conventional weapons
While president Basescu denies any fight with Russia, the PM acknowledges the situation saying that Romania has to consolidate its energy security, as “the true battle against Russia will be fought with energy, not with conventional weapons.”
“There is an economic field where Romania took huge steps, and where it has to make further ones; where the support of American companies is strong. It’s the energy industry. We have growth in agriculture; we have growth in industrial production; we have growth in exports. All these, however, rely on energy security, all the more as the political context in the region, which we all know, related to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, to all this state of instability and breach of an order we all thought secured for the past decades – all these actually result in the toughest challenge, which is energy security. Obviously, Romania invests more in the defense industry; obviously, NATO’s decision is welcome. I still think, however, that the true battle against Russia will be fought with energy, not with conventional weapons,” Ponta said at the Parliament Palace, where he attended a seminar heading “Promoting the Economic and Trade Strategic Partnership” organized by the American embassy, the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham) and the American-Romanian Business Council (AMRO) in a partnership with the Romanian Government.

President informs Parliament over stationary NATO aircrafts in Romania
President Traian Basescu informed the Parliament, in a letter dated September 3, that he approved the entry in Romania of a detachment of stationary NATO aircrafts and the afferent staff, respectively 150-250 persons belonging to other allied countries.
Also, the letter states that the financial funds necessary to conduct the NATO Air Police missions on infrastructure and its maintenance will be provided by our country and the costs for the operation and maintenance of the NATO aircrafts will return to the sending nation.
Basescu also mentioned that, during the crisis in Ukraine, NATO approved a package of 18 immediate measures for reinsurance the allies, among which being also the strengthening of the Air Police mission.

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