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May 13, 2021

Irina Socol, founder of SIVECO, arrested for 24 hours

Irina Socol, the founder of Romania’s biggest IT Company, and one of the most influential businesspersons, was taken into custody for 24 hours by prosecutors. Irina Socol is accused of tax evasion and money laundering. Besides the head of Siveco, another employee of the company was similarly retained.
The arrest follows an extended search held during Monday at the headquarters of the company Siveco. According to prosecutors, the estimated damage exceeds EUR 3 million. Ten persons were retained for hearings. The charges include unpaid taxes and implementing a money laundering circuit. According to the preventive arrest proposal, issued to a Civil rights judge at the Bucharest Court, Irina Socol was the person who initiated the tax evasion system for the company she founded. The crime involved several accomplices, who were also subjected to an investigation by the prosecutors and admitted to their deeds, offering ample description of the manner they were committed in.
Legal sources mentioned yesterday for Mediafax that Irina denied all allegations in front of the prosecutors and her defense lawyer demanded an opportunity to study the complete file. The prosecutors proposed a preventive arrest of 29 days in the case of Irina Socol.

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