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February 27, 2021

Basescu tidies elections’ first round, threatens former Securitate officers with disclosure

Among other, the president talked about his possible impeachment attacking again Iohannis, Tariceanu and Ponta.

President Traian Basescu on Tuesday night said that among the candidates for the presidential elections there are people who have hidden things in their resumes and recommended them “to complete their resume if they have been undercover officers or not”, warning that, otherwise, he will do so publicly.

The president, invited to a television show, was asked if there are candidates who have hidden things in their resumes. “Yes”, he answered.
“I still believe that the candidates have time to complete their CVs if they have been undercover officers or not”, Basescu said, adding that if this does not happen, it will be him to do the disclosure: “Yes, because it is my duty to do it. When talking about the position of president of Romania, you cannot not to inform, no one says the service not to do it, because the law does not allow it to do so, but the candidate is bound to do it. I will be able to bring evidence on what this double button means”.
In this case, it will be needed a “fast” judicial decision, given that the service cannot make public its membership or former membership.
The president argued through the fact that a president cannot have “double command”.
“It is unacceptable not to talk about this, I am convinced that if a candidate would tell it not much would happen to him, look how the Romanians treated the former Securitate officers, I see the case of Mr. Voiculescu who is pretty popular. One has to tell it, when you do so you free yourself from the double control, you tell it and you know you are subject only to those you have chosen you. If we want to be a democratic country, with an uncontrolled president, I have to do it,” he stressed.
Basescu would not give further details saying that “he already went too far, though it is a reality”.
Basescu’s statement on the secrets of the presidential candidates is not a premiere, the head of state declaring, on August 5, that he will “publicly undress” some of the presidential candidates referring to the same topic. As an aftermath, the leader of the Liberal Reformist Party (PLR), Calin Popescu Tariceanu, was the only one to react to the president’s threat by denying his pertaining to Securitate. He yesterday stated that he was not an undercover officer and that Basescu is using the weapon of blackmail against political opponents.
PDL MPs’ leader, Tinel Gheorghe, said yesterday that Traian Basescu has the obligation to “discover” the undercover officer who is among the candidates for the presidential election, stating that Klaus Johannis “bears no relation to what the President says”.
Basescu says that if
suspended, he will ask for term extension
As for a potential impeachment, the president didn’t seem to be worried saying that he will ask for his term to be extended if suspended from position again and underscoring he would not like to be in Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s shoes in the presidential runoff, later in November. “If they suspend me again, I will certainly ask for an extension, since I, when having been suspended received no pay, therefore nobody can tell me my term-in-office ran without interruption. I did not receive a wage, I did not pay social security taxes, unemployment taxes or anything. (…) Therefore that one-and-a-half month Basescu explained.
He added that if suspended again, this would be an “anti-national measure”. “If they do it, just imagine I defeat them at the referendum (on the suspension), I stay president and how will the second round of the presidential elections go, I would not like to be in Ponta’s shoes, with me still president, because he would be defeated even before the runoff,” Basescu said in speaking of the prime minister’s candidacy for president. Basescu added that his possible suspension from the position would mean political instability and underscored it would be extremely bad for Romania to undergo such a time.
Former Prime Minister Emil Boc criticized Tariceanu’s demarche regarding the impeachment of president Traian Basescu saying that only the “irresponsible” politicians make such proposals, notwithstanding the fact that “they are playing Romania at the Russian roulette”.
Basescu too referred on Tuesday evening to Tariceanu, whom he called again “cheerful heart” and “frisky heart”, pointing out that, if they lead “Voiculescu’s project” onward, and on November 2 there is organized a referendum for his dismissal and he is not defeated, “the two, Tariceanu and Ponta will be defeated in first round and they can start another activity”.
About Tariceanu, the president also said that his impeachment is played by him, together with PM Ponta, at Voiculescu’s order, for the latter’s pardon before the presidential elections.
Basescu indirectly attacked the Liberal leader Klaus Iohannis, by transmitting a message to the president of the Democratic Liberal Party Vasile Blaga, saying that he could choose a better person for PDL, and showing that he was wrong with Klaus Iohannis, and that he realized, after watching him, “that he has a shaky character”.
He, later on, noted that Emil Boc would have been a much better candidate for President than Klaus Johannis, adding that the mayor of Cluj would also had been better than Catalin Predoiu. In his turn, present on Tuesday evening in Ploiesti, where he met almost a thousand members of political parties forming ACL, Iohannis argued that Tariceanu’s reason for a third impeachment demarch of president Basescu is that Tariceanu wants to make “an image exercise” on this topic, Iohannis saying it is a “failed image exercise”.
About Elena Udrea’s chances to become president, Basescu said: “I don’t know if it’s the time for women, but I definitely have a lot more confidence in her than I do in Ponta and Iohannis together”.
President Basescu also stated that he believes that after the presidential elections, whether Iohannis wins or not, there will be a fusion PDL-PMP. About the possibility of becoming prime minister after the elections, Basescu said that he doesn’t want to be a premier, though he would make the best prime minister which the current political class can offer and added he would stay in politics, at the party.
Yesterday, premier Ponta called on “all political and media actors”, ensuring that the elections will be held properly and stressing that to “scream” before them in order to justify losing them represents a sign of lack of development and civilization in the Romanian society.

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