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March 3, 2021

Ruling Big Brother’ law unconstitutional could hamper corruption investigations (Intelligence Service)

A Constitutional Court ruling of unconstitutionality of the law on data storage created a vulnerability for the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), the director of this agency George Maior declared on Tuesday.
Speaking at the conference heading ‘The golden rule of good governance and fight against corruption: smooth intertwining of policies and implementation actions’, Maior stated: ‘I would like to draw your attention on an evolution we at SRI consider worrying, as regards our capacity of operative action in this field of anticorruption, too. I am talking about the latest ruling of the CCR [Constitutional Court of Romania(…) From the point of view of SRI, we now have a problem, a vulnerability, a limitation that could impact our activity in terms of national security, including this perspective of addressing the corruption phenomenon. Of course this legislation needs reviewing; this is precisely one of the elements in the motivation given by CCR.’ According to the head of SRI, such issues could also have negative impacts on the institutions’ capability of addressing some sides of national security. Also participating in the conference, DNA Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi voiced her own disappointment about the CCR ruling on the so-called Big Brother Law; she noted that investigations on corruption acts are already facing some problems. ‘I think it’s time for all institutions to sit around the same table, and the resulting legislative bill should meet all the exigencies and requests of the European Court of Justice,’ Kovesi added.  The Constitutional Court has ruled on September 1 that the Judiciary authorities and the institutions with competencies in national security are no longer allowed to access and use the data obtained and stored according to the Big Brother Law until the Parliament passes a new normative act on data storage

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