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May 14, 2021

UNICEF: One in five Romanian teenagers not attending school

One in five Romanian teenagers, more precisely 19 per cent of those in the 15-18 age group, is not attending school, this percentage being very high for Romania but also for the European Union, a survey presented by UNICEF on Wednesday shows.
The survey concerning children/youngsters left outside the education system has also included those who used to go to school but dropped out, as well as those that never went to school.
Thus, it was established that approximately 183,000 children in school year 2010/2011 and 174,000 in school year 2011/2012 were not enrolled in the education system.
Sandie Blanchet, the representative of UNICEF Romania, considers that this school non-attendance rate among teenagers is very high both for Romania and for the European Union, having serious consequences. The UNICEF representative also pointed to the fact that Romania has the lowest budget for education in the EU.
The survey conducted by UNICEF also showed that the repeat rate for 9th, 10th and 12th graders was over 40 per cent higher among pupils in rural areas compared to those in urban areas.
When ordered by area and gender, the school dropout rate points to the fact that boys in rural areas exhibit the highest risk of exclusion because of school dropout. “The Roma ethnics’ share of almost 20 per cent among the members of the 15-18 age group left outside the education system reflects their less favored situation when it comes to education,” Sandie Blanchet added.
On the other hand, according to the same survey, more than half of the school dropouts interviewed have stated that they have worked for the past week, almost two thirds of them being boys. “More than 99 per cent of them however worked without labor contracts,” the survey shows.

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