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March 3, 2021

CSM on the Szekler Land autonomy project: Aggression on rule of law principles

The Superior Magistracy Council (CSM) says, regarding the project of autonomy for the Szekler Land published by the media in the last few days, that launching into the public specie of topics that overstep the constitutional framework in what concerns justice is ‘an aggression on the rule of law principles’. ‘The launching by any means of mass media by image vectors – be they analysts, journalists, or politicians – in the public space of themes that exceed the constitutional framework in the matter of the fulfilment of justice in Romania potentially hurts its independence and prestige and is an aggression on the rule of law principles’, CSM states in a press release dispatched to Mediafax on Thursday.
The CSM point of view was made public ‘given the handling and debating in the mass-media of a project for the autonomy of the Szekler Land in Romania’. In the same press release, CSM reminds of several provision of the Constitution, irrespective of initiators, authors or ownership of the project by an entity, group or individual.
According to the Szekler Land autonomy draft published by the mass-media, the UDMR leaders refuse to comment on claiming not to be the official version, the inhabitants of the Szekler Land have the right to address to the Constitutional Court and to the courts of justice in writing in the Hungarian language.
UDMR representatives propose that all diplomas, documents, civil registrar acts, notary documents, Land Registry excerpts, invoices and receipts issued in the territory of the Szekler Land by institutions of education, culture, people’s records, Land Registry as well as by other authorities or economic operators in the Szekler Land ‘to be edited, printed and issued in the Romanian and Hungarian languages’ and that all those acts edited, printed and issued in the Szekler Land should be ‘recognised as official documents in the entire territory of the country’.
The document also stresses that the bodies of the Szekler County region are the Regional Council and the Regional Executive, the first having 77 members elected by direct universal suffrage in the Szekler Land. The Union representatives also want the president of the region to be the president of the Regional Executive and to represent the region, being entitled to participate in the Romanian Government meetings dealing with matters of concern to the region. .UDMR leaders say the formal version of the Szekler Land autonomy draft will be posted on its website in Romanian and Hungarian in the upcoming period.

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