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May 16, 2021

Macovei: Basescu proposed PM office to me in 2009

MEP Monica Macovei has revealed in an interview for ‘Romania Libera’ that before she announced her presidential candidacy she was contacted by President Basescu’s “emissaries” who asked her to postpone her announcement because there was allegedly the intention to ask her to run on behalf of PMP. “There were such signals, but I don’t know whether they were coming from the President or from the “emissary’s” own desire,” Macovei stated, pointing out that she did not listen to that plea, explaining that what matters in this race is not Traian Basescu’s backing for her but the backing of the people and that she is not running against Elena Udrea either.
In what concerns the President’s statement that he no longer wanted to propose her as Justice Minister after 2008, Macovei suggested that Traian Basescu is not telling the truth and listed the proposals she received from the Presidential Palace. “In 2007, after we were kicked out of government by Tariceanu, the President asked me to be a presidential aide with the highest rank at the Presidential Palace. (…) In 2008, both Mr. Boc and Mr. Basescu proposed to me during the elections campaign to be Justice Minister in the government, after the elections. I accepted but Catalin Predoiu was subsequently appointed. (…) Then in the autumn of 2009, after the Boc Government collapsed, the President called me and proposed to me the office of Premier in order to form a new government.”
At the same time, the MEP considers that her decision to remain within PDL after several PDL members headed by Elena Udrea left the party was not “dishonest,” “dishonest” being what the Head of State did to PDL, “breaking up the party when the person he wanted was not elected” at the helm of the Democrat-Liberals. “If PDL hadn’t been broken up it would have won over 20 per cent in the European Parliament elections. I remained alongside my PDL colleagues back then because I waged the most difficult political battles for this country alongside them and because a mature man does not pick up his toys and leave when he fails to win a competition. I had nothing to “serve” Vasile Blaga for, because my presence on PDL’s EP elections list boosted the party by several percentage points, more precisely by 22 per cent, according to the analysis conducted by Sociologica,” Macovei stated. She also stated that other PDL colleagues of hers are dissatisfied that they have to back a Liberal candidate for President. “Why do we, the PDL members, have to back PNL’s candidate? Why do we have to back the candidate of a party that hasn’t clarified until now the responsibility it had in the blow applied to the rule of law in 2012? Why do we have to back the candidate that Voiculescu and PSD proposed as Premier in 2009? (…) I didn’t have an answer to these questions either. That is why I have decided to run as an independent and to resign from the party,” Macovei explained.

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