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March 8, 2021

Maia Morgenstern: I love Bucharest as it is, and Bucharest loves me back

In an interview to Agerpres as part of the ‘MY CITY, BUCHAREST’ project, actress Maia Morgenstern talks about the city of her childhood and evokes nostalgic reminiscences about a green Bucharest. ‘The Bucharest of my childhood was very green,’ says the actress. In her small office at the State Jewish Theatre House, a jewel of a building in downtown Bucharest, Maia Morgenstern talks about the city and she confesses that there is a mutual love relationship between the two of them. “. I love Bucharest as it is, which does not preclude me from seeing its less attractive sides and its side that gets degraded with each passing day, with each step we take, which does not make me inflexible. I realise that each passing day, each passing moment we are losing parts of our memory, of our history, of our emotional heritage. Bucharest is changing by the day; it still has extremely ugly, marred areas. It is true that it also has areas filled with history, areas that you love, and you can motivate your love for it if you are asked why. That is how justifications are in love, and it is mutual. Bucharest loves me back. That is how I feel, how I understand it.” The actress’ dearest memory of Bucharest are her walks with her parents under linen trees in blossom and “the games that to me were games and to my family were an opportunity to learn geography.” “Among my first memories about Bucharest is the sound of trees being felled before the house where I was living back then. It was not an orchard or a forest; it was a very big garden with lots of trees. That is what I remember: my child’s sleep getting clouded by the sound of falling trees,” she also remembers.
At the same time, she wants to win support from authorities to have the Jewish State Theatre House consolidated.

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