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April 21, 2021

Marincu Palace in Calafat, sad story of a great family

The history of Marincu Palace in Calafat, a genuine architectonic jewel from the early 20th century today hosting the town’s Art and Ethnography Museum tells the sad story of a great and powerful family in southern Romania, one its descendants tell with much emotion.
The building was raised in 1905-1907 by Stefan Marincu, the mayor of Calafat from 1911-1914, who came from a wealthy family, many of whose members cut an outstanding name for themselves. The palace was raised in the memory of Marincu’s daughter Marioara, who died of tuberculosis as the tender age of 13, after his first-born daughter, Olga had died of tuberculosis meningitis at only one year old.
The palace was built in the eclectic style of the time, French neoclassicism with baroque and rococo accents, by the plans of French architect Paul Gottereau, the one who also designed the Royal Palace and Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest, Jean Mihail Palace in Craiova, the Savings Bank in Bucharest; the works were supervised by architect Constantin Rogalski. And while suffering and disease hit the palace founder and his family, the harmful events of history have not passed without leaving deep prints on the palace either.

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