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March 7, 2021

PM Ponta: Today we commemorate one of the most tragic moments in recent American history

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Thursday paid homage to those killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks upon the United States and he called for action against those phenomena conducive to the spread of terrorism. “Today we commemorate one of the most tragic moments in the recent history of the United States, the country we signed an important strategic partnership with, but also of the entire world. (…) Violence, as a means of achieving political, economic and social goals is unacceptable. Using violence against people, the same. By paying our homage to those killed on September 11, 2001, we must be aware that we have a duty to correct those phenomena such as extreme poverty, illiteracy, fanaticism of any kind, intolerance, the conditions conducive to terrorism. We cannot take such action but through solidarity between nations and citizens and political responsibility,” Victor Ponta wrote on his Facebook page.
In the Prime Minister’s opinion, “the terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Center twin towers represented a symbolic gesture, a warning given to the western world, its system of values” and “how the world reacted to this coward act proved that those values are basically shared by a very large majority of the citizens of this planet”. “We cannot accept the idea of the clash of civilizations, no matter how convenient it would be to explain what is happening now in many parts of the world. The Twin Towers that practically hosted all cultures, civilizations, religions and beliefs of humanity, represented a space of dialogue, cooperation, peaceful cohabitation. Perhaps that’s why they were chosen as target,” PM Ponta also wrote.

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