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May 16, 2021

Presidential candidates deny having been undercover officers

After Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, both Monica Macovei and Klaus Iohannis replied to president Basescu’s innuendoes over presidential candidates being or having been Securitate officers. All of them negated the accusations.

Following the warnings made by President Traian Basescu in a TV show according to which he will publicly expose the presidential candidates who have been Securitate officers, the president of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and Liberal Christian Alliance (ACL) candidate for presidency, Klaus Iohannis, on Wednesday evening said, in a press conference held in Oradea, that “for sure” President Basescu didn’t refer to him when he said that among the candidates in the presidential elections there is an undercover officer. Subsequently, when asked if he was or is an undercover officer, Iohannis answered: “No”.
Also, the Liberal leader said that, unlike other politicians, who “want to govern just for their gangs”, he does not want to “kneel the system”, but to change it and to change “the way of doing politics” through “less scandal and more bending over problems”. Iohannis referred also to President Basescu’s statement according to which he “kneeled the system”.
“I read with unpleasant surprise that a politician in Romania claims to have kneeled the system. Well, this is very bad. If he kneeled the system it means he did not change it in any way, he just made it not to kneel on one side, and to do it on the other side. And then what have we done? We haven’t solved anything! It’s one of the reasons why I want to change the system, not to kneel it, I want to change it for making it work better, but better for the people. This system, in particular the political system, we need to change it and I want to be president of Romania for changing the way politics is done in Romania,” said Iohannis.
He stated that he aims for the society to have serious discussions, about important topics, not scandals without stake. Also, Iohannis underscored that he got involved in national politics because he wants “Romania to be a strong and prosperous country”, unlike those who govern for personal or group interests.
Asked afterward what he would do, explicitly, in order to change the system, Iohannis answered that there are “many steps to be done” and that the changes cannot be done by himself alone or nor overnight.
“There are many steps to be taken and it is clear that the changes will not occur within a year or two or five, perhaps in ten years, and changes should be in-depth and of substance. We must change the way politics is done, to bend over problems, not over scandal, to make disappear the society’s multitude of open fissures from the past decade, to bring people together again in order to seek and find solutions, to reconsider Romania’s major problems – the education system, health, pensions… These things must be brought into genuine political debate and not to mime the dialogue,” said Iohannis.
He added that this is the reason why he also wants that in the next decade Romania to have a right-wing government and a right-wing parliamentary majority.
Last but not least, ACL’s candidate for presidency said that education will be a theme of his campaign, because “education is the key to success, there is no other key”, noting that it is important for young people to be qualified, and “not necessarily all to be university professors”, as this is what investors are after.
Macovei: I’m not an undercover officer!
Monica Macovei also denied on Thursday that she is or ever was an undercover officer, pointing out that the only institutional solution in clarifying this issue is by the Parliament Commissions for SRI and SIE and demanding politicians not to involve the services in the election campaign propaganda.
“I will say it from the beginning, very firmly. I am not and I never was an undercover or any other kind of an officer working for any Romanian or foreign intelligence service”, Macovei declared.
She also mentioned that, furthermore, the President and the state institutions had the opportunity of checking her in 2005 and in 2008, when she was offered the position of Defence Minister, as well as in 2009, when the President suggested that she would run for PM.
Tariceanu demands Basescu to reveal names
PLR leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu, who also denied being an undercover officer, stated at Suceava, on Thursday, that President Traian Basescu has the duty to publicly expose names, given the fact that not revealing them would be a violation of laws. In a press conference, Tariceanu declared that he has no information concerning any undercover officers and even if he had any, he would not be legally allowed to divulge them. “As part of the CSAT, you have no information on the identity of undercover officers, nobody comes to you to show you a list of undercover officers”, Tariceanu declared. He mentioned that laws forbid Parliament members, Ministers, party leaders and magistrates to accept a position as undercover officers. “You cannot play with people’s reputation merely on intuition or suppositions. The President and nobody else but the President has the duty, whether he sees it necessary and violates a law by not revealing these names, to do so. (…) We have nothing more to discuss on this topic. This how I see it. And it is pretty simple. The President is interfering in the electoral games, in the electoral campaign, although he is not allowed to do it, which the obvious intention to discredit a candidate”, the PLR leader further declared.

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