Basescu initiates new accusations against the Gov’t and PM Ponta

The president said the prime minister built a house at Cornu with money laundering purpose and added that Ponta aims at the president role in order to put justice under control, same as Dan Voiculescu.

Attending the summer school for young people in the Popular Movement Party (PMP), president Traian Basescu on Saturday stiffly attacked PM Victor Ponta and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) leaders, also criticizing the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the National Liberal Party (PNL) officials, while he found time to advise the youth on life matters. Talking about the house that Victor Ponta would have built at Cornu, Basescu speculated that the premier’s purpose was money laundering.
“He made it for money laundering because in constructions money is best washed. It is a characteristic of PSD, but also of their history. The hatred against the state, the justice, the law. They want the law to do it for themselves and for their families, their friends, but not for the country. This is the major objective of Victor Ponta and of PSD, winning the presidency in order to put justice under control,” said Basescu quoted by Mediafax.
“It’s no differentiation between how Victor Viorel Ponta thinks and how Voiculescu does it, or Voicu who traffics sentences,” added the president.
Subsequently, PMP leader Elena Udrea, who was sitting next to the president, said: “It’s not true that the fact that Mr Ponta built a house at Cornu forces him to spend his holidays only there. I know that he goes also to Monte Carlo and Dubai”.
Basescu also said on Saturday that he considers the politicians and the journalists who say that the right wing was broken by him and Elena Udrea as being liars, the president arguing that the right wing was destroyed by Vasile Blaga and Crin Antonescu through the PDL-PNL merger.
He recalled the statements of Vasile Blaga and Crin Antonescu, from the moment they decided the merger of the two parties, saying that they don’t talk to PMP or to Traian Basescu.
Basescu added that “the lie ideology” says him and Udrea made a party and destroyed the right wing.
“No, the right wing was destroyed by PDL merger with the Liberals,” said Basescu.
Also, Basescu urged the youth present at the Summer School of PMP to choose as priority at the beginning of their road finding a job and only after to buy a house, following the example of the youth in the American movies, adding that life in a free economy means competition.
“I’m not saying that it is not a priority to buy a house, but, in my opinion, this reflex the Romanians have to buy a house undermines the mobility of the Romania labour market. Watch the American movies, you see them taking three suitcases and leaving home because they found a better paid job,” said Basescu.
He also said that Romania was allocated 100 million euros, European money, to create jobs for young people, amount out of which, so far, the government has not spent “any money” reason for which he urged the youth to protest.
The President also said that the government today instead of maintaining the amounts (aimed for investments) obtained ??during the crisis of the Boc government, distributed them to “electoral charity”, hoping that Victor Ponta will be, “unfortunately”, elected president.
In response, Prime Minister Victor Ponta stated, also on Saturday, that his opinion is “to work for having money”, adding that the president “makes noise” because “he doesn’t know how to work”. “Protest for having money … you think this is the way it goes … I would say we should work in order to have money. Mr Basescu doesn’t know how to work so he makes noise”, said Victor Ponta, on Saturday at Sinaia, at the end of a meeting on agriculture topics.
Basescu: My last goal is Romania start Schengen Area entry process
Romania’s accession to Schengen Area is the last goal he has to achieve after having served two terms in office.
Basescu stressed he hoped Romania might get a favourable decision in October as to joining the borderless Schengen by its airports.
Continuing the disclosure of his short-term plans, the president also said that by the end of his mandat hee will make another visit to the Republic of Moldova, a “farewell” visit and then he will demand to be granted citizenship of this country.
He said the visit to the Republic of Moldova is not planned, but he will schedule it together with President Nicolae Timofti.
The president also said that he is convinced he will stay in partnership with Emil Boc until they get out of politics, adding that when he will have more spare time they will “put together the shoulder” for creating a new party which to become “extremely competitive in 2016 elections”.
Traian Basescu stated, answering a question, that his relationship with Emil Boc is “a common political structure” which will continue also after the head of state will leave office. The president also said that, in his point of view, the PDL-PNL merger will not happen, because, after the elections, Klaus Iohannis will forget about PDL support.
The head of state commented as well on the article according to which the adolescents who failed the baccalaureate exam can enroll in faculty, saying the decision is “bad” and was made “for the benefit of university mafia”. The President claimed that it is a “dirty, PSD like” solution.

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