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January 19, 2022

Presidential candidates engage in elections campaign jabs

The jabs between PNL and PSD started on Friday when PNL President Klaus Iohannis sent an open letter to Premier Victor Ponta, accusing him of “cynicism and lack of respect for the millions of teachers, parents, children,” bearing in mind that on the day Ponta is launching his candidacy the first and second graders lack textbooks.
The Premier responded on Saturday, stating that he “calls” on Klaus Iohannis “to no longer use the children in the elections campaign,” adding that Iohannis is “the last person entitled to talk about school” and that the teachers working in the education system “are not amassing fortunes out of private tutoring.”
“I believe it is extremely annoying and I call on Mr. Iohannis to no longer use the children in general in the elections campaign. He does what he does and still ends up at children. I haven’t seen him until now adopting a position, for so many years, concerning the education system, I don’t see him and in particular I have not heard him saying what the solution is, what he proposes, what would he do if he were in our place, he wouldn’t respect the public tenders law, he would no longer issue them new textbooks, he would make better textbooks… So I believe the use of children in this extremely populist political discourse is unfair, it denotes a mentality of political commissar – and I know what political commissar means – and I believe Mr. Iohannis is the last man that should talk about school,” Victor Ponta stated on Saturday afternoon in Sinaia, at the end of a meeting on agricultural issues.
The Premier pointed out that teachers working in the education system “are not amassing fortunes out of private tutoring” and that the issue concerning school textbooks should not be used “in a demagogical way.” The Premier added that if he were to ask Klaus Iohannis “which textbook he believes to be better for first graders” he “would have no clue.”
Shortly after these statements were made, Iohannis stated in Constanta that Victor Ponta was seen as a young hope of Romanian politics that transformed in the shortest of times into “a young disappointment for a whole generation.”
ACL files motion of censure
The Christian-Liberal Alliance (ACL) filed on Friday a motion of censure against the Ponta Government, arguing that by promoting some laws the government is seeking to defraud the presidential elections.
The announcement was made on Friday, by PNL President Klaus Iohannis, who said that the document was filed in Parliament.
According to Mediafax, Iohannis pointed out that the censure motion is signed by 171 MPs.
Klaus Iohannis pointed out that the censure motion is the most powerful instrument at the disposal of the opposition and can be use “relatively rarely.”
“It can be used relatively rarely, once in a sitting, but that does not mean it is used solely when we are sure the government would fall, however the only instrument that draws a lot of attention, usually the censure motion, is used to draw attention to particularly serious things, even though sufficient votes to effectively change the government have not necessarily been gathered,” Iohannis added.
“You know very well that a single censure motion was adopted after the Revolution, on the other hand we have the opportunity of bringing up once more within the most important body of democracy, Parliament, these extraordinary abuses committed by Ponta,” PDL President Vasile Blaga stated in his turn.
Blaga said that ACL would like to see this censure motion adopted and that the backing of all those opposing Victor Ponta is needed.
“We would like for the motion to pass, we need all those that are against Victor Ponta. How they will vote, we will see,” Vasile Blaga added.
He pointed out that all of the government’s recent actions prove the clear intention of massively defrauding the elections.
Klaus Iohannis stated that Victor Ponta “has concocted a concerted plan” that seeks to defraud elections this autumn and that for Ponta winning the presidential elections “is a bet with the PSD barons, a bet he can’t afford to lose.”

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