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February 26, 2021

Robert Plant sending Jimmy Page a message

While Jimmy Page continues to express his desire for the band to get back together, his former Zeppelin counterpart Robert Plant continues to churn out new music that is, at the very least, strong material. Four years after his acclaimed 2010 covers album with Band of Joy, Plant has created Lullaby and…the Ceaseless Roar, which officially came out on September 9, WZLX Classic Rock reports. The album contains almost entirely original new songs – save for the band’s cover of the traditional folk song “Little Maggie” – with a completely new backing band, the eclectic and adventurous Sensational Space Shifters. It comes out just over a month after Plant called Page out for not making much new music himself.
Whether Plant meant to or not, with the spectacular Lullaby he is sending a message to Page: You need to start making more new music, because look what I’m doing!
The album traverses the globe of musical styles, incorporating African rhythms, Celtic folk, and even the same kind of heavy rock that made Zeppelin household names, often blending these styles together while wrapping tracks in a rock/pop context and tying it all together with Plant’s still-powerful, starkly emotive vocals. Perhaps the most compelling, immediate track on the album is the Zeppelin-esque “Turn It Up”, which features restless, paranoid guitar riffs and a bouncy rhythmic groove that could almost be described as “funk”. Ironically, the song could turn out to be the album’s radio single, despite the meta lyric “I’m stuck inside the radio/Turn it on and let me out”.The critics agree on the album’s greatness. Some have called it “stunning”, “riveting”, and “a searing, soul-searching jewel”.

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