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March 7, 2021

New polls for presidential elections

By  Dana Purgaru

More than half Bucharest’s residents would vote for incumbent Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who chairs the Social Democrat Party (PSD) in a presidential runoff with Liberal Klaus Iohannis, running under the banner of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL, made up of the Liberals and Democratic Liberals), shows an Opinion Barometer conducted by GSSC Avangarde over August 25 – September 3, according to Agerpres.

According to the poll, when asked “If elections for the president of Romania took place next Sunday and the contenders were Victor Ponta and Klaus Iohannis, who would you elect?”, 55% of the surveyed said they would choose the PSD leader and 45% said Iohannis. Furthermore, in the event of a runoff between Ponta and the People’s Movement Party (PMP) leader Elena Udrea, 73% would vote for the prime minister and 27% for the former tourism minister; Iohannis would get 81% of the votes if running opposite Udrea (19%) and would garner 51% if running against the Liberal Reformist Party (PLR) head Calin Popescu Tariceanu (49%), the polls says.
The research was conducted on a 1,000 person sample aged over 18, face to face with the respondent, at their home. The maximum tolerated error is plus or minus 3.10% with 95% reliability.
Romania will hold elections for president on November 2.
The hypothesis that states the future President of Romania should designate a technocratic Prime Minister has the most support from the electorate, as shown in a poll done by INSCOP Research at the request of daily newspaper Adevarul between August 30 – September 4, according to Agerpres. The poll tested several public statements, hypothetical situations and potential Prime Ministers that could be designated by the future President of Romania, on the basis of options indicated by the main competitors, Victor Ponta and Klaus Iohannis.
As to the public’s opinion regarding Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s statement, who said publicly that if he were to win the presidential elections the future Prime Minister might not be a member of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) or the Conservative Party (PC), 46.2% of responders believe that would be a good decision, 23.5% believe it would be a mistake, while 30.3% don’t know or won’t answer.If Ponta were to win the presidential elections, 34.7% of those interviewed believe that he should designate a technocratic PM, 26.4% are for a PSD Prime Minister, 21.3% tend towards an opposition Prime Minister, while 17.7% don’t know or won’t answer this question.
In regards to the question “What do you believe of the following personalities who may take over the position of Prime Minister in case Victor Ponta wins the presidential elections?”, 43.1% of those interviewed answered that they have a good opinion regarding Mugur Isarescu. Following, in order, are Mircea Geoana (18.8%), George Maior (17.5%), Mihai Tanasescu (10.9%), Liviu Dragnea (10.6%), Florin Georgescu (9.5%) and Ioan Rus (6.9%).
The poll also tested the population’s opinion regarding statements made by Klaus Iohannis according to whom in case he wins the presidential elections he will try to form a new majority in Parliament to unseat the Government led by Victor Ponta and will propose a new government led by Catalin Predoiu. 36.1% of responders believe this would be a wrong decision, 32.2% consider that it would be a good decision, while 31.7% don’t know or won’t answer.
On the other hand, 30.9% of those interviewed believe Ponta should remain Prime Minister in case Iohannis wins the presidential elections, 26.1% believe a technocratic Prime Minister is needed, while 19.7% believe the new Prime Minister should be Catalin Predoiu of the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL; formed by National Liberal Party – PNL and Democratic Liberal Party – PDL). 23.3% don’t know or won’t answer the question.
In regards to the question “Romania would be better governed if the current government would be replaced by another government formed by the parties in opposition (PNL, PDL)?”, 40.4% of responders believe Romania would not be better governed, while 29% say that Romania would be better governed. 30.6% don’t know or won’t answer the question.
The poll has a maximum error of ± 3%, with a confidence rate of 95%, and was conducted on a sample numbering 1,058 persons and is representative for the population of Romania that is 18 years of age and over 18.

Eligible-to-vote Romanians: 18,313,698
There are 18,313,698 Romanian citizens eligible to vote in the first round of the presidential elections on November 2, according to the latest data released by the Standing Election Authority, according to Agerpres. As compared to the last public information made by the Standing Election Authority on this issue, the total number of voters eligible to vote on November 2 dropped by 22,556. The difference is the result of the current operations made by the mayors on the electoral roll relevant to their communities, of the import of programmed data from the Directorate for the Population Records and Data Bases Management with the Ministry of the Interior. As for the number of eligible-to-vote Romanian citizens with the residence abroad, their number stands at 530,158 for November 2, according to information provided by the General Directorate for Passports. (D.P.)

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