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January 25, 2022

Pascu, Nica or Bostinaru to succeed Ms. Cretu as EP Vice-President

The post of Vice-President of the European Parliament will remain with the European Socialists said designated Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu, currently a Vice-President of the European legislative.
”A decision has yet to be made regarding the future EP Vice-President,” said Ms. Cretu on Sunday evening at Antena 3 TV during her first public appearance after the designation.  “This seat has been allotted to Romania due to the remarkable results that the Romanian Socialists have had in the European elections and it will remain with the European Socialists. The future EP vice-president will be designated by the Romanian Social-Democrat delegation, but only after my hearing and hopefully my confirmation as a European Commissioner,” Ms. Cretu added quoted by Agerpres news agency.
She emphasized she was glad to share this highest position gained by a Romanian politician with Liberal (PNL) MP Adina Valean.
”When Ms. Valean or I are in charge at  the sessions of the European Parliament) the Romanian language is heard, so this thing is very important.”
Asked about possible successors, she said the names of Ioan Mircea Pascu, Dan Nica or Victor Bostinaru have been circulated so far. “But, of course, we are talking about a collective decision that the Romanian delegation will take. We haven’t had any meeting on this issue because it would have been premature”, said Corina Cretu.
Every euro of the 351.9 bn will be reflected in the day to day life of the citizens
The designated Commissioner said she will treat all member-states equally.
“Surely, I will not forget that I am Romanian and I owe a lot to those who have been together with me for the past 25 years. But, on the other hand, I believe it is in the best interest of Romania to clearly observe all these regulations, for they lead to the economic development of all member-states. And I can assure that I see it as my obligation to make certain that each and every euro of the 351.9 billion will be reflected in the day to day life of the citizens. And from this point of view a Commissioner may leave a mark on the topics on which she/he chooses to focus on. So, from my point of view encouraging states that are less developed is a priority, reducing inequalities is a priority”, emphasized Corina Cretu.
According to her, if Romania had known from the very beginning how to access all these European funds and had managed to absorb them one hundred percent, 95 percent of the contribution of the state in this period would have been recuperated.
Romania’s progress in aborption of European funds
“Romania has made large progresses and I also saw the situation – from 3 percent in 2011, 7 percent in 2012, we have reached 39 percent in September 2014. What is more important is that all the deficiencies that have been identified by auditors, and that have led to suspension of payments, were regulated with the help of the Romanian authorities. “The European Commission services have come and have analyzed these deficiencies, have made an action plan, including initiatives for the development of administrative capacities. And this thing is done by the Commission for all states facing absorption deficits and we must admit that in 2007 we were not prepared for the level of complexity and dimension of the tasks and obligations that were incumbent upon us,” Ms Cretu added.

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