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December 7, 2021

Record grain crops production in Romania

by   Constantin Radut

Daniel Constantin has announced that in 2014 the harvest of straw grains is very large. More precisely, 9.5 million tons. At the same time, the production of rape seed is the largest in the history of Romania. Provisional data centralized at the level of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development show that in 2014 Romanian farmers have harvested a quantity of 7.373 million tons of wheat and rye, from a surface of 2 million hectares. The wheat production registered in 2014 is larger compared to the one last year, when 7.34 million tons were harvested. The average yield per hectare stood at 3.65 tons, surpassing the 3.55 tons per hectare level registered in 2013. The production of barley and two-row barley grew from 1.51 million tons in 2013 to over 1.74 million tons this year. The average yield per hectare grew from 3.27 tons last year to 3.38 tons in 2014. The arable surface cultivated with barley and two-row barley grew from 461,068 hectares in 2013 to over 516,353 hectares this year. Likewise, farmers harvested over 379,000 tons of barley this year, from 182,429 hectares. This year’s barley crop is the largest since 1970. In 1970 the barley harvested stood at 116,000 tons. In 1980 the crop stood at approximately 46,000 tons and in 2010 at 304,000 tons. Last year the barley crop stood at 362,000 tons. The average yield per hectare stands at 1.95 tons this year. At the same time, the Agriculture Minister pointed out that this year Romania registers a record production of rape seed, namely of over 1 million tons. This is the biggest production registered since 1970. In the last three years both the production of rape seed and the cultivated surface have grown constantly. Thus, there were 157,000 tons of rape seed harvested in 2012, from 105,295 hectares. Last year the production grew to 647,000 tons and the cultivated area totaled 284,874 hectares. In 2014 the rape seed harvest grew to 1.089 million tons, the cultivated surface totaling 423,237 hectares. At the same time, the average yield per hectare grew constantly from 2012 to 2014, from 1.496 tons of rape seed in 2012 to 2.274 tons of rape seed in 2013. In 2014 the average yield stands at 2.573 tons of rape seed, this being the best yield registered in the last two decades. The surface cultivated with sunflower in 2014 stood at 1 million hectares, a level similar to that in 2013. Last year the sunflower production surpassed the 2 million tons threshold, the richest harvest of the last three decades being thus registered. The average yield per hectare stood at 1.908 tons, surpassing the values registered in 2011 and 2012 when the average yield stood at 1.798 tons per hectare and 1.31 tons per hectare respectively.
Large harvests are expected in the case of corn too, a sector in which Romania is leader within the EU. Present on September 11 at the “Corn Days” event in Ialomita County, Minister Daniel Constantin emphasized that “Romania is on the first place in the European Union when it comes to the surface cultivated with corn and to the harvest, as a consequence of the large surface area, but we still have to recoup in what concerns the yield per hectare. However, farmers are exerting efforts on a daily basis, they are increasingly turning towards high-yield hybrids, so that the results are increasingly good. Nevertheless, although the hiking of exports is beneficial, I would like for Romanian corn to be used especially in livestock farms in our country, because this sector too has developed considerably in the last two years. That is precisely why in the new National Rural Development Program we have introduced measures that target integrated production in particular,” Daniel Constantin stated.

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