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February 28, 2021

Tariceanu on impeaching Basescu: “List of signatures is open, 191 signatures have to be collected”

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Antena 3 on Sunday evening that the process of impeaching the president cannot be done by only one man. “The impeachment cannot be achieved by a single person. In the end it’s the Parliament’s decision and the impeachment is decided through referendum, by the citizens. I can be the one who supports this initiative, but after all it’s an initiative that has to collect a certain number of signatures. At this moment the list of signatures is open, 191 MPs have to sign in order for us to be able to send the impeachment request to the Constitutional Court. It has the obligation to issue a note. Once the suspension from office is decided then a referendum will be organized in 30 days’ time. I count on the fact that in the first round of presidential elections we will have a solid turnout so we can avoid events like the one in 2012,” Tariceanu said. He pointed out that it is not all right to look at the President’s mistakes as being excusable “because he is at the end of his terms.”
“From the start I anticipated some issues. One of them is that he is at any rate at the end of his term and maybe we should leave him be. I find this way of thinking very damaging, to look away just because he is at the end of his terms,” the Senate Speaker stated.
Concerning Traian Basescu’s recent statement according to which one of the presidential candidates is an undercover agent, Tariceanu said that the president saw himself cornered by the possibility of a third impeachment and that is why he came up with this idea. “What is Basescu after? If this assertion is true, he seeks to discredit a candidate. We can speculate here, but I believe it’s not the case. The idea in itself is very serious. He didn’t come to possess this information yesterday, today, it should have been made public long ago. In fact, we are faced with a pathological case. (…) There is a small step from using information for the national interest to using them for personal interests. I know that he happened to be turned down more than once,” the Senate Speaker stated.

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