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August 2, 2021

Cantacuzino Institute: Minister wants manager out

Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu urges the Manager of the Cantacuzino Institute, Radu Iordachel, to resign from office. He told the press on Monday that dealing with the issues of that Bucharest medical establishment was a priority. ‘The Cantacuzino Institute has had issues for years now and I think they should stop. Also requested by the workers, we have now set up an inter-ministerial committee that has already sat and started to look into the problems of the institute, ranging from its debts towards suppliers to strategy matters. It is a priority to the ministry to deal with the problems the Cantacuzino Institute has and to have it produce vaccines. What we need for the institute is an integrated vision that the manager has been unable to offer during several years. We have seen that people protest exactly against the manager, therefore I am also considering the option of asking him to resign after talks with the protesters and the inter-ministerial committee on Tuesday’, Minister Nicolae Banicioiu said.

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