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February 26, 2021

Radu Mazare, sued by DNA for attempt to influence justice

The Mayor of Constanta Radu Mazare is looking forward to a new trial. On Monday, Anticorruption prosecutors filed charges against the politician at the High Court of Cassation and Justice for alleged attempt to influence justice, due to the statements he made on Friday, during the PSD Extraordinary Conference.
A press release issued by the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) announces that “Mazare Radu Stefan is presently under charges in the file no. 2/P/2014, presently under criminal investigation by the National Anticorruption Department. On September 12, according to reports published by the media, while attending a meeting of the party he was a member of, Mazare Radu Stefan made the following statements: ‘They may even send officers to arrest you while you’re having dinner, as they did to me, claiming it was an emergency, and afterwards, prosecutors do nothing in your file for as long as five months, in my case. Hey … (abusive word referring to the prosecutor, editor’s note), when you arrested me by your masked officers and you claimed it was an emergency, and you brought me to the DNA, why do you let five months pass without you filling out a paper or anything? This is why we must vote for Ponta, because those of us who are still here, whether we are free or not, need to live in a normal country’.”
According to article 276 in the Criminal Code, it is a felony for a defendant to make false public statements claiming that the investigating institution has committed a serious conduct violation while working on a case,  in order to allegedly influence or intimidate the prosecutor.
“The fact that these allegations are false is obvious after an analysis of the investigation activities performed within file no. 2 / P / 2014. The defendant was familiar with this file, considering that he had benefited of his legal rights regarding his access to the file”, Anticorruption prosecutors pointed out.
Moreover, DNA mentioned, the context of these statements by Radu Mazare, their public nature and the  language the Mayor employed show the Mayor of Constanta’s obvious  purpose , that is “to influence and intimidate the prosecutor who is performing the respective legal investigation.”
The Superior Council of Magistrates (CSM) issued another press release on Monday regarding Mazare’s statements about the DNA prosecutor. “As an institution destined by the Constitution to supervise the independence of justice, the Superior Council of Magistrates considers that using indecent words referring to prosecutors in the context of a public meeting, while hinting at an actual situation aimed by a criminal file, is able not only to induce insecurity about the independence and the impartiality of judges and prosecutors, but also to hurt their dignity”, CSM pointed out.
On Friday, at the extraordinary conference held by PSD Constanta, Radu Mazare had declared, according to Mediafax that nobody knows whether they will be free tomorrow, or the day after, and that any public person may be arrested by masked officers at any given time. While insulting the DNA prosecutor who had ordered his arrest for the hearing, Mazare was applauded by the attendants to the conference.
At the Bucharest Appeal Court, where he is under charges regarding illegal retrocession of several lots in Constanta Mazare declared: “Now, 25 years after the Revolution, I think you are entitled to curse the system. This is why we dismissed Ceausescu. 25 years later, we find ourselves in a situation we were dealing with at that time: if you cursed the system, you risked going to jail. My statements did not target a certain person, but a system that I think is repressive and acts unjustly, under political influences. I will continue saying this thing. Don’t think I was scared”. Radu Mazare claimed he was a target of political pressure. “Obviously, there is visible hatred of certain people in the system against us. I am luxury prey, more than ever before. Probably I would be better off if I adopted the ostrich strategy. Luxury prey is hunted both by those in the system and by leaders of the system who had sold themselves to those who have appointed them in their positions. Simple Townhall employees refuse to sign anything, out of fear”, Radu Mazare further added.

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