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April 11, 2021

Romanian innovations: sweet potatoes and purple potatoes

by   Constantin Radut

The production of sweet potato and purple potato seeds are the upcoming projects of the specialists working at the National Institute for Potato and Sugar Beet Research and Development in Brasov, Sorin Chiru, the institute’s director general, stated.
“Along with specialists from the Cluj University, but also from Korea, we are working on a project for the production of sweet potato seeds, a crop that is suitable for the soil of our country and which is now produced in fairly small quantities in Dabuleni. Likewise, we also plan to produce the purple potato seed which contains antioxidants in quantities even higher than those contained by berries. It takes 12-14 years of research to patent a type of potato, but we hope this period will be lowered by 3-4 years bearing in mind the new technologies that have appeared,” Sorin Chiru stated.
“This year we have patented another type of potato called Brasovia, a promising one, having a good taste, a good resistance to viruses, good cooking qualities, and for homologation we have two other types that will most probably be patented next year. So far we have patented 12 types of potatoes, such as the Rustic, Roclas, Cristian and Nicoleta types, tasty and resilient types that offer very good harvests if the technology is applied,” Sorin Chiru stated.

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