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March 5, 2021

Romanian, US troops in Joint-Effort-14 exercise

Over 1,300 Romanian and 150 US marines take part in the ‘Joint-Effort-14’ exercise commanded by the command of the 4th Gemina Infantry Division at training grounds of Romania’s Land Forces in the counties of Sibiu and Brasov. The ‘Joint-Effort-14’ exercise that starts today and will last until September 26 entails the conduct of military actions in a joint multinational context base on a fictitious scenario, the Romanian Defence Ministry (MApN) reported on Tuesday. Under the ‘Joint-Effort-14’ scenario, the borders, nations involved, alliances and enemy forces are fictitious and designed for military training only, carrying no political or military connotations to any state in the vicinity of proximity of the national territory. ‘Any resemblance to past or present situations in the international geopolitical context is strictly related to the practical needs of training. The only real things are the military units taking part in the exercise so that then may carry out missions in crisis situations or in wartime,’ reads the release.

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