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March 3, 2021

The actor Vlad Radescu: Bucharest belongs to me

In an interview with Agerpres for the ‘MY CITY, BUCHAREST’ project, actor Vlad Radescu says that he loves the city and feels attached to these places. ’’So many years means that I can include Bucharest in my family. Bucharest depends on how close you look at it. Up close you can look at it through the eyes of childhood and adolescence, while from afar you look at it through the eyes of maturity wisdom. In my opinion, it is a hard to understand city. I think it is in fact a defeated city that despite its name that has to do with ‘bucurie,’ Romanian for joy, has not witnessed many victories. It is a city that was defeated some years ago when it was virtually destroyed, its hard core so greatly damaged that it has not recovered yet.’I belong to Bucharest and Bucharest belongs to me, I see it as being mine,’ says Vlad Radescu.
He also says Bucharest City is a living, diverse city. ‘Bucharest is a different kind of a city, it has the charm of an early century,’ the actor adds. He believes there is a lot that should change. I” believe there must be a concept first of all, a real strategy concerning Bucharest, which has not been felt at all over the past years, and I mean the past 25 years, although there were once some more consistent attempts and even if the city is somehow tidier and better kempt now. I would like the ghettoes, the blocks of flats to disappear. I guess that would be the first desideratum. I would like people to be more colourfully dressed because there is no city without people. I would like culture in Bucharest to get a more important place and role. I would once dream that at each bus and tram stop there would be an artist paid by the municipality – a puppeteer, a musician, a choreographer, a dancer, an actor, a circus performer, maybe a painter, even a caricaturist – who would be active and force the other into being alive, into dropping the look that is mainly of Bucharesters of someone burdened with thoughts that are not necessary positive. All this would wear off on the city and in the end on the lives of all of us.”, the actor concludes.

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