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October 26, 2021

Constitutional Court overrules complaint regarding change in Presidential election law

Romania’s Constitutional Court (CCR) overruled the complaint filed by ACL regarding emergency ordinance no. 45 / 2014 regarding the change of the law regulating Presidential elections. The ordinance changes the law by terminating special election offices destined for citizens who were not in their locality of residence on Election Day. Liberals justified their complaint by mentioning that, in their opinion, “there is huge suspicion that the changes stipulared by emergency ordinance 45 / 2014 would encourage electoral fraud.”
After being notified upon the rejection of the ACL complaint, PNL President Klaus Iohannis declared that it was a decision “based on form” and mentioned that Liberals have accepted this decision. “The Constitutional Court did not establish whether the change was constitutional or not, the Constitutional Court merely decided that our complaint was unacceptable due to form, and neglected to notice the content. This procedure is over for us, at the time being. It is a shame, in my opinion. Nonetheless, when a decision of the Constitutional Court is issued, we accept it, we respect it and go on with our work. It is a shame because the issue we pointed out and we denounced in our complaint to the Court is still there. Nothing was solved”, Iohannis declared.
At the beginning of June, Klaus Iohannis, in the name of the Government, had sued the Government demanding cancelling of emergency ordinance no. 45 / 2014, which changes the organization of Presidential law, by pointing out that the changes would lead to massive electoral fraud by favouring multiple voting.

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