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April 11, 2021

ECHR orders Romania to pay damages for miners’ riot

Romania is ordered to continue investigations in the miners’ riot case, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Wednesday, stressing the obligation of the state to make justice to the victims of crimes against humanity regardless of the time that may have lapsed since they happened. ‘All evidence in this case suggests the existence of elements of a crime against humanity, committed by officials of the Romanian state, including members of the Government and high rank military. (…) It is the task of that state to fulfill its international obligation and bring to justice the persons responsible for the extensive and systematic attack on the civil Romanian population, especially those who committed such crimes in the exercise of their civil or military authority’, ECHR notes, ordering Romania to continue to investigate the miners’ riot.
The ECHR Grand Chamber decided that the Romanian state should pay Anca Mocanu EUR 30,000 for the violation of article 2 – right to life of the Convention. At the same time, by the ruling handed down on Wednesday, Marin Stoica is entitled to moral damages of EUR 15,000 for the violation of article 3 – interdiction of torture of the Convention. As far as the judicial expenses are concerned, the Romanian state must pay Anca Mocanu and the ’21 December 1989’ Association the amount of EUR 2,200 and Marin Stoica EUR 9,868.92.

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