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December 6, 2021

No presidential candidate is covert officer, SIE says

The Vice-President of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) Oversight Committee, Ilie Sarbu, said on Wednesday that the institution had sent to the Committee a document signed by Director Theodor Melescanu, according to which no presidential candidate, minister or member of Parliament, is a covert officer. ‘The SIE Oversight Committee has sat in session. We received a document from the Service, signed by Minister Melescanu, which tells us that there is no kind of situation where a candidate, minister or MP, is a covert officer’, Mediafax quotes Sarbu as having said.
He pointed out that SRI should also take action and send the relevant committee a document to clarify the matter. ‘I am not giving them advice here. Each service and each committee has its own agenda. However, they should normally (send the necessary documents to the Parliament committee – our note) so that this artificially created circus show which does no service to Romania can come to an end’, Sarbu said.
President Traian Basescu has recently stated, referring to the ‘hidden things in the CVs of the presidential candidates’, to which he had referred in the past, that everything he had said on the subject was still applicable. ‘I believe the candidates, before they submit their candidacies, still have time to make it public, complete their CVs, if they were covert officers or not’, Traian Basescu said during a B1 TV show. Asked if there was anyone among the current candidates for president with such hidden things in their CV, Traian Basescu said: ‘Yes. (…) I will be in a position where I can bring evidence’ and noted that it would be unfair on his part not to do that.
ACL submitted on Tuesday to the Camber of Deputies leading body a request signed by 109 MPs from PDL and PNL to set up a parliamentary commission to probe into the information released by the president of the country, according to whom among the candidates for president there is a covert officer.

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