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March 3, 2021

Victor Ponta: “If Russia criticises me, it’s not that bad”

During a Wednesday morning visit to the Ministry of Agriculture headquarters, before the Government meeting at the Victoria Palace, PM Victor Ponta was invited by journalists to comment on the reaction of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ponta refused to comply, adding that he will approach the subject at the Government meeting. “If Russia criticises me, it’s not that bad”, Ponta smilingly added.
On Friday, PM Ponta had stated, in his speech held at the PSD Congress in Alba Iulia, that his commitment and his appeal to all Romanians concerns the attempt to recreate the Great Romania for the second time, together: “Let us all make a commitment. In 1918, here, in Alba Iulia, after hundreds of thousands of Romanians lost their lives in WWI our country achieved the most important national objective, The Great Union. I want and I beg of you to join me so that, a hundred years later, we could be again the proud, strong, respected country our ancestors, gathered here 96 years ago desired. This is my commitment, this is my appeal to all Romanians: Let us make Romania’s Great Union happen for the second time”, Ponta declared.
He went on by mentioning that the profile of the future Romanian president should include an important intention: the willingness to unite. “I must tell you an important thing concerning the profile of the next President and the things the President must do. Believe me, I know very well how difficult it is to be a Premier of a President that sabotages you all the time. And I want to make a commitment, just as I made it in Craiova: as a President, I will closely work with the Government chosen by Romanians, focusing on Romania’s benefit and a true unity in Romania”, Ponta pointed out.
On Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release qualifying Ponta’s statements regarding “the possibility of the Republic of Moldova’s union to Romania” as irresponsible and unacceptable and demanding a reaction from behalf of the European Union, as reported by Mediafax.
“Russia is worried by PM Victor Ponta’s statements regarding the future of the Republic of Moldova, made during a meeting with Social-Democrat Party activists in Alba Iulia”, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs outlined. “As we may see from the explicit appeals made by the candidate to Romania’s Presidential elections, regarding ‘achieving the second Greater Union’, some political circles in Bucharest keep developing plans of annexation of a neighbour sovereign state. Russia considers that statements of this sort made from abroad, under the circumstances of an electoral campaign in the Republic of Moldova, are irresponsible and unacceptable”, the diplomats of Moscow mentioned. “We hope that the authorities of Chisinau would properly analise these statements. We also hope that there will be an adequate reaction from behalf of Brussels and the capitals of European states”, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs concluded.

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