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September 19, 2021

Health Minister: “Conduct is one of the biggest shortcomings of the Romanian health system”

Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu stated that the backlog of salaries at the Cantacuzino Institute will be paid by the end of the week. “2005 was a terrible period for the Cantacuzino Institute, which lost a lot of licenses at that time. As a solution, basically the salaries will be paid by the end of the week. It’s not the ministry’s fault, they have autonomous management. I warned them to pay the salaries two weeks ago. (…) I told the manager to resign!” the minister stated on Adevarul Live. Banicioiu also talked about the malpractice law. “I return to the problem of conduct, it’s one of the biggest shortcomings of the Romanian health system. We are talking about the way one talks to the patient, we don’t have enough doctors, enough personnel. But it’s not a problem of training, it’s a problem of preoccupation shown by the one managing the unit. The attitude towards people should be different. (…) Now not even the doctor feels like the object of this law, nor does the patient feel a direct benefit,” he said.
The Health Minister also talked about the mandatory medical check-up which, in his opinion, is perceived by patients like “a scarecrow.” “People have started to perceive this mandatory character like a scarecrow. I don’t think anyone will react by force, although there were states where they were sanctioned. We stake on communication. We will explain to the youth, from primary school to high school, what a healthy diet entails, what the health card ensures, what their rights are. We will succeed, maybe, to create habits,” the Health Minister emphasized.

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