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June 21, 2021

Titus Corlatean: ‘I will never agree to any form of autonomy on ethnic criteria’

Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean said about UDMR’s legislative proposal on autonomy, on Wednesday, that, although he was not very enthusiastic, he nonetheless preferred that type of debates, even more complicated one, in a democratic framework rather than the street. ‘I am telling you in all modesty – I did not hesitate, even if I might have had a moment of indecision and risk in the existence or non-existence of a ruling coalition, at an important time from a political point of view, this electoral fall’, the minister said at a debate, according to Mediafax. He noted that no autonomy would be declared in October, the term being raised in a question asked of him at the meeting. ‘The answer is <No>. The fact that legislative drafts that were not endorsed by the Government, that were not discussed in the coalition means that it is an individual initiative of a partner in the coalition. It’s true that I am obviously not very enthusiastic about this legislative draft, but, on the other hand, I must say that I prefer this type of debates, even more complicated ones, in a democratic framework rather than the street’, he said, adding that ‘in Parliament we have very clear arguments and positions that this type of legislative proposal that breaks the Constitution will be rejected. It doesn’t mean that we will ever agree to any form of territorial autonomy on ethnic criteria. No. Decentralisation, competences in the European style – that we can talk about and is also necessary in the development of Romania as a European state’, Titus Corl??ean commented.
Adrian Nastase, in turn, appreciates that ‘it is about a shift of generations in UDMR and an accommodation of the new generation of UDMR leaders of the Fidesz policy’, being a strategy for the year 2018. ‘It is preferable that these debates take place in a coherent parliamentary formula, in the very clear context of a text which obviously is the text of our Constitution’, Nastase said.
UDMR President Kelemen Hunor said at Sfantu Gheorghe on Thursday that the autonomy project for the Szekler Land cited in the media had had a few sections revised and that it was a European project that ‘does not question the statehood’ and that ‘it is not an extravaganza, something without a European precedent’. Yet, he noted that no substantial changes had been made on the draft, but did admit to those being ‘important nuances’.  The UDMR president also said it is important for everybody to understand that what the project wants to achieve  is consistent with those 14 models of autonomy that exist in the European Union. ‘It is important for everybody – also our international partners, the European People’s Party and the other institutions – to understand that what we want is consistent with those 14 models of autonomy that exist in the European Union and is very close to South Tyrol. So it is not something extravagant, something without a European precedent, in the best sense of the word.’
Some of the things stipulated by the version of the autonomy project published in the press, with the headline ‘Special status of the Szekler Land in Romania’, are that the Szekler Land would be an autonomous region, the Hungarian language would be an official language and the inhabitants of the region would have the right to address the Constitutional Court and courts of justice in writing in the Hungarian language.

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