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January 16, 2022

Victor Ponta launched his candidacy for Presidency on National Arena

Prime Minister Victor Pontalaunched on Saturday, the very dayhe turns 42, his candidacy to theRomanian Presidency, in an eventstaged at the National Arena inBucharest, attended by tens ofthousands of people.Social Democratic Party’s(PSD) President Victor Ponta andhis wife, MEP Daciana Sarbu,made their entry into the NationalArena accompanied by IurieLeanca, the Prime Minister of theRepublic of Moldova, DeputyPrime Minister Daniel Constantin,President of the Conservative Party,Deputy Prime Minister GabrielOprea, President of the NationalUnion for Romania’s Progress,according to Agerpress. Also on thestage were PSD’s leaders EcaterinaAndronescu, Titus Corlatean,Rovana Plumb, Valeriu Zgonea, LiaOlguta Vasilescu, Dan Sova,Gabriela Firea, Corina Cretu,Gabriela Szabo, Mihai Sturzu.Prime Minister Victor Pontaclimbed on the stage, and he calledon Romanian to be with him inwhich will mean a great union, statingthat there are 55 days before itcan become reality. ‘Please allRomanians think to this – we cantogether make a change in ourcountry. (…) You see that the suncomes out on our street. You see thesun comes out in our country. Westill have very little, we have 55 daysand another battle to win, and I callyou all to start on the road tochange, I call you all to be togetheron the way to the great unity of allRomanians’, said the Premier. “Iwant those who harmed Romaniaand Romanians to pay, but not as arevenge, but because we promisedjustice all the way. Because we wantto show that Romania is the countrywhere nobody is above the law,and where law protects the defenseless”,Ponta further added.Ponta claimed that he wants tobe a president of all Romanians, ofall those who want a real change, ofthose who like him or not. ‘Dearcolleagues, Victor Viorel Pontawant to be the president ofRomanians, of those Romanianswho are together, who believe, whoare proud and have hope that theywill change the country for the better.That president I want to be andI call you to be together with me inthis battle towards the great union’,said Ponta.Victor Ponta said he is proud ofhis family. ‘Like many of you, I amthe grandson of a Romanian who in1917 asked the Romanian nationalityand fought alongsideRomanians for the Great Union.I’m the grandson of a priest whotaught me the importance of believingin one God, the Orthodox,Catholics, Muslims (…), but onewho believes in God is a man whothinks carefully to others. I’m thechild of parents like you have, whoinvested everything they had intome and my sisters, and I am a fatherwho want to see my children growingin Romania, a proud and strongcountry,’ said the presidential candidate.


Deputy Prime Minister LiviuDragnea expressed his confidencein Ponta’s chances of becomingpresident of Romania, and hepointed out that this time thosechances will be playing at home,and not away, like the 2012 referendum.‘I came here to say that welove our country so very much andto give a president that’s worthy of itand I hope that on the night ofNovember 16, after counting all thevotes, we can say those three words:Victor Ponta – President. (…)Nowcomes the revenge of 7.4 million ofRomanians,’ said Dragnea.Also, a message of support toPonta’s candidacy in the presidentialelections came from the PrimeMinister of the Republic ofMoldova, Iurie Leanca. ‘In thename of the Republic of Moldova Iwelcome and support the candidacyof Victor Ponta in the presidentialelection and I am convincedthat the first foreign destination forVictor Ponta as president ofRomania will be in Chisinau,’ saidLeanca.


Attending the event, the Mayorof Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, saidthat Romania needs a ‘different’president, expressing his belief thatVictor Ponta is ‘the man who must’for this function. ‘Romania needs adifferent president, who loves thecountry and the people, a presidentwith balance and wisdom, commonsense, educated and understandingthe needs of his fellow. (…)I for one have the certain faith,without doubt, that Victor Ponta isthe man we need, and that thecountry needs,’ said Oprescu. Hetold Ponta that when he will reachthe country’s leadership he must notforget to be on the side of the people.‘Do not forget when you get tolead this country, when you take theoath, (…) be your guide – to bealways on the side of the ruledones,’ said Oprescu.


President of the EuropeanParliament, Martin Schulz onSaturday sent a message of solidarityto Social Democrat leader VictorPonta, saying he is a good friendand cooperator of Ponta and of theSocial Democratic Party (PSD).‘Dear friends, I have known VictorPonta for a long time. … We have acommon mission in Europe, we arealso close friends. I wish VictorPonta all the best for his future,’Schulz said in a video message senton occasion of the launch of VictorPonta’s presidential bid.Other video messages camefrom Vice-Chancellor of GermanySigmar Gabriel, S&D Group leaderGianni Pittella, the prime ministersof Belgium, Serbia, Slovakia, theCzech Republic, Georgia, Albania.Among those who have sentvideo messages of support forVictor Ponta were also includedHelmuth Duckadam, IrinelPopescu, Marian Simion, SorinIlfoveanu and Radu Beligan.”I supportVictor Ponta because thiscountry needs a young and energeticPresident. I believe in ouryouth, ladies and gentlemen! Youthis our most valuable capital, fromthe elementary level and up to thetop. Dixi et salvavi animam meam(I told it and I redeemed my soul –editor’s note)”, actor Radu Beligandeclared

.ELENA UDREA: “HE’SLAUNCHING HIMSELF LIKE THEPRESIDENT OF NORTH-KOREA”PMP President Elena Udreadeclared that the launch of VictorPonta’s candidacy to the Presidentialelections is terribly similar toCeausescu’s celebrations. “I came toBistrita, because it was impossible todo anything in Bucharest, it wasbusy, athere were traffic jams allover. You could not move, thestreets were overcrowded becauseMr. Ponta is launching himself withabout 70,000 people over there. (…)Who is paying for this megalomaniacevent attended by 70,000 peoplein Bucharest, where Mr. VictorPonta is launching himself just likethe President of North Korea? thePMP leader declared. “It is likelythat those who were brought thereto cheer for Mr. Victor Ponta are amere tool to satisfy his enormousego. A launch of this extent showsyour lack of empathy to people whoare expecting that you, as a PM,would generate jobs and properlygovern the country, not to launchyourself on a stadium, to close upBucharest and to gather there70,000 people brought from allover the country”, Elena Udreadeclared. She also mentioned thatshe would launch her candidacy atthe Palace Hall and that it would bea reasonable, decent launch.


PDL President Vasile Blagareclared that he unconditionallysupports Klaus Iohannis, “becausehe cannot let a man like VictorPonta take over Cotroceni”.“You may see him (VictorPonta, editor’s note) these days. Heis a liar and everybody knows it.Lately, he lies two times a day, justto keep up the habit. He is a plagiaristand everybody knows it. He is acoward. You saw what he did toTariceanu a week ago. He askedgullible Tariceanu to demandBasescu’s dismissal, and when henoticed that the population did notreally agree, he changed his mindand left Tariceanu in an embarrassingposition. So, we cannot affordto let an irresponsible person ruleRomania, because that is what weare talking about”, Blaga declared.KLAUS IOHANNIS:“HE DISAPPOINTED HISOWN GENERATION”Klaus Iohannis merely statedabout PM Victor Ponta that he disappointedhis own generation aswell as many Romanians.“I am sorry that a young personwho was granted the opportunity tobe the Prime Minister of this countrydisappointed his own generation,as well as many Romanians”,ACL’s candidate to the Presidentialelections declared.

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