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February 25, 2021

“Romania and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia share a strong commitment to fostering peace, stability and prosperity”

Titus Corlatean, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania:

The celebration of the National Day of the Kingdom ofSaudi Arabia offers me the pleasantopportunity to highlight ourexcellent bilateral relations and toconfirm that the level reached byour dialogue and cooperation is astrong foundation for furtherexpanding our projects of mutualinterest. Romania and the Kingdomof Saudi Arabia established diplomatic relations on the 13th ofMarch, 1995. Today, our bilateralcooperation is reflecting a realpartnership animated by thedesire to make better use of thestatus and advantages of ourcountries in their regions. Weshare a strong commitment tofostering peace, stability andprosperity and we are engaged ina mutually rewarding dialogueon regional and international issues. In dealing with the challengesposed by current internationaldevelopments, we work asfriends, seeking together wellbeingand stability for bothMENA region and Europe, andelsewhere around the world, aswell.

In the economic field, Romanian and Saudi companieshave developed a significant partnership.The Saudi market isimportant for Romanian exportswhile Saudi companies haveshown an increasing interest ininvesting in the Romanian economy,in agriculture, infrastructure,oil and gas – a trend which westrongly encourage. Reaching atotal volume of bilateral trade ofover 463 million USD last year,Saudi Arabia is one of the mostimportant economic partners ofRomania in the Middle Eastregion.Cooperation in the field of educationis one of the most effectivetools in bringing together the peopleof our two countries. Educationhelps creating bridges of cooperationfor the years to come. We arepleased to witness the interest theyoung Saudis have in studying inRomanian universities: currently,there are about 50 Saudi citizensstudying in Romania, mainly in thefield of medicine. The RomanianDiplomatic Institute and the Saudi Institute of Diplomatic Studieshave also established a researchcooperation programme focusingon regional and internationalaffairs.Apart from the ties that havebeen created between Romaniansand Saudis as a result of their directcooperation in trade, investment,education and research, today over200 Romanian citizens have a temporaryor permanent home in SaudiArabia. These links are also reinforcedthrough Saudi Arabia’s hostingRomanian Muslim pilgrims forthe Hajj each year.I firmly believe that by consistentlypromoting political and economiccooperation, as well as developingjoint cultural, scientific andacademic projects between Romania and the Kingdom ofSaudi Arabia, we will enhance themutual trust and friendship and laydown a strong foundation forbringing our people and nationseven closer together.On the occasion of the NationalDay of the Kingdom of SaudiArabia, I would like to convey tothe Government and the friendlypeople of Saudi Arabia my warmestcongratulations and wishes for continuedsuccess and prosperity.

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