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June 28, 2022

Beekeepers to receive RON 4 M to cover some of their losses

Beekeepers will receive RON4 M through minimis aid inorder to cover some of the lossesthey have registered this year,Deputy Prime Minister andAgriculture Minister DanielConstantin stated at the NationalHoney Fair.“We have thought-out a minimisprogram, a governmentdecision, in order to help thebeekeepers that have had a poorerproduction this year. It is postedon the MADR website, anduntil then during the budgetrevision scheduled for the end ofthe month we have time toimprove the government decisiontogether with the representativesof the association becauseit includes only several proposals.It’s about a sum of RON 4 Mthat will be put at the beekeepers’disposal in order to cover a partof the losses registered this yearbecause of the rains,” theAgriculture Minister said.Daniel Constantin advises allthe beekeepers that are exportinghoney in bulk to integrate theirproduction. “It’s a principle that Ipersonally care about a lot, onethat I have also included in theNational Rural DevelopmentProgram 2014-2020 and throughwhich we are trying to supportthose that are integrating productionin all domains of activity,even in the beekeeping one. Inother words, where there is a productionpart and a processingpart is desired too, those that areworking like this and that offeradded value to the products theyobtain should have priority. Ibelieve it is important both forthe producers and the processors,but also for the state so that inthis way we could enjoy moreimportant exports for the privatesector but also for the state,”Constantin said.

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