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May 18, 2022

PM Ponta in favour of shale gas exploitation

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Friday that he is in favourof shale gas exploitation, providedthat all environment standardsare respected; he alsopointed out that first of allRomania has to be confirmed ifsuch unconventional resourcesare available on its territory. “Iam in favour of exploration[shale gas], I don’t know yet ifsuch resources are in Romania ornot, we might have surprises inthis regard, when we have thiscertainty, in a few years, I willadvocate for their exploitation byrespecting those environmentstandards so successful in theUnited States and other countries,”Ponta told Adevarul Livewebcast. He also said the RosiaMontana gold mining project isnot doable in the next 5-10years, because an economic projectat this scale cannot be implementedagainst the public opinion,and according to him, it’sclear that the public opinion,after many debates, has adopteda certain stance.Ponta added that in geopoliticalterms, it’s very important forRomania not to depend in a fewyears time on “the whims ofthose turning off the tap atGazprom.”

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