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October 23, 2021

‘Discover Brancoveanu’ itinerary opened yesterday

The ‘discover Brancoveanu’ itinerary, designed as a ‘treasure hunting’ type of game, started yesterday and will continue until October 17, its purpose being to discover the ruler and martyr Constantin Brancoveanu.

‘Discover Brancoveanu’ is part of the ‘Brancoveanu’s heritage’ project marking 300 years since the death of the great Romanian ruler and martyr, Mediafax reports. The project also includes two other components: ‘Brancoveanu, the Founder’ and ‘Moments in Brancoveanu Family’s Life’.

The ‘Discover Brancoveanu’ itinerary is a project initiated by the alternative Future European Life (alt.F.E.L.), supported by Bucharest Municipality and the Schools Inspectorate of the City of Bucharest.

Designed as a ‘treasure hunting’ game, the project will uncover its secrets as one walks through the itinerary following the maps made available to players. ‘The game master’ (six actresses: Simona Popescu, Andreea Bolovan, Romina Boldaşu, Graţiela Bădescu, Ana Căliţă and Ana Turos), who leads the game will present the rules and monuments to be visited, as well as the score awarded for each correct answer. At the end of the itinerary, the best raking groups will receive three prizes, According to their respective score. The participants will be given a special map with the localization of the monuments, part of the itinerary and information needed for accomplishing the ‘mission’.

The game started yesterday, at 11:30 and will be over on October 17, at 20:00.

Activities will actually take place on 16 days, weekly, Monday to Friday. The ‘Discover Brancoveanu’ itinerary will have its meeting point at the headquarters of the Youth Centre of the Metropolitan Library.

The points of interest along the game route and themes approached are: Sf. Gheorghe cel Nou Church, with its special architecture and columns, Coltei Church, with the literary history and charm of a long set vocabulary, Stavropoleos Church, with elements specific of the Byzantine civilisation and architecture, Doamnei Church, with specific elements of art and civilisation, the Dintr-o Zi Church, with the specific architecture and transformations after consolidation, the Ion Mincu Architecture Institute, with elements of Romanian neo-classical continuity, the Icon Painter’s Workshop, where the participants can rediscover the art of making icons with artist Dragos Filip, Gradina Icoanei and the Central High School Library with specific architecture and decorative elements taken over in the neo-Brancoveanu style. After all these ‘game modules’ are covered, the participants will return to the Youth Centre for the awarding ceremony. The first three teams will receive prizes and all participants will receive a diploma.

‘Discover Brancoveanu’ is an unusual way of active, participatory learning, addressing mainly the adolescents. At the same time, anyone who is curious to learn in an unusual manner about the culture and civilization in Brancoveanu’s time can join the game.


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