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May 23, 2022

‘Fancy tango?’ tour by Razvan Suma to 12 cities

Violoncellist Razvan Suma next to Analia Selis (voice) and Julio Santillan (guitar) will be on a ‘Fancy tango?’ tour to 12 Romanian cities, from September 28 to October 24: Iaşi, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Botoşani, Bistriţa, Cluj-Napoca, Timişoara, Baia Mare, Târgu-Mureş, Arcuş, Sibiu, Piteşti and Bucharest. The Capital will host two concerts – one at Sala Radio, on October 22, and one at Teatrelli, on October 24. The tour will open at the Palas Mall Iaşi.

Razvan Suma is one of the most active young Romanian musicians, with a comprehensive repertoire of hundreds of recitals and concerts worldwide. Apart from his concerts in Romania, the artist frequently performs with Spanish pianist Josu Okiñena, with whom he played in places such as Auditorio Nacional de Madrid, Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires and Kursall in San Sebastian.

The ‘Fancy tango?’ tour is a continuation of the tradition initiated by the Romanian artist of proposing to his audience an artistic challenge every autumn, the previous years using headlines such as ‘Fancy Bach?’ and ‘Fancy Brahms?’

‘Unfortunately, this year has been full of unpleasant events – wars, threats, pandemics and so on. I hope the public who comes to our concerts return home convinced that what they are given through music is offered with a lot of honesty, from the bottom of the heart. Even a single musical theme remaining in a spectator’s mind and hummed on the way back home fulfils our aim’, Mediafax quotes Rzvan Suma as saying.

The Romanian cellist will play together with two Argentinean guests with whom he will build the special story of the tour: Analia Selis (voice), for the first time on tour with her partner (Razvan Suma) and Julio Santillan (guitar), who will come from Argentina to play tango to the Romanian public. In a dual role for this tour – composer and guitarist – Julio Santillan signs the musical arrangement for the cello, guitar and voice for most of the pieces on the repertoire.

According to the release sent to Mediafax, the tour will be for the first time exclusively dedicated to tango played in the traditional way, as they used to play and sing it in Argentina in the old days, country where, at the border with Uruguay, this type of music and dace was born at the end of the 19th century. Analia Selis, who will sing through an entire tango concert for the first time in her career, said: ‘Since last year, when Razvan suggested we did this tour, I have been studying everything that has to do with the tango: technique and manner of singing tango, I have read about the history of the genre and know stories about each and every song that we will sing. In this tour we plan to sing tango in a traditional way, As they used to sing it’.

Analia Selis, or Argentinean origin, has appeared in many own concerts in Romania. She was invited to open important musical events such as those of the Buena Vista Social Club, Juanes, Natalie Imbruglia, Septeto National de Cuba.

Julio Santillán, Argentinean music writer and guitarist, has recorded over 40 CDs with musicians from various countries from the entire world and, with the bands he heads, has participated in a number of prestigious festivals such as Blue Note Jazz Club (New York), Festival Guitarras del mundo (Argentina), George Enescu Festival (Romania) etc.


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