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May 16, 2021

BEC: 14 candidates in the race for Romania’s President

Fourteen candidates have enrolled at the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) to enter the race for Romania’s President until the legal deadline, namely September 23rd, 24:00 hr, BEC spokesperson Marian Muhulet announced, reports Mediafax.
The following have submitted their candidacy: Victor Ponta, from the PSD-PC-UNPR Alliance, Klaus Johannis (the Christian-Liberal Alliance), Calin Popescu-Tariceanu (the Liberal Reforming Party), Elena Udrea (People’s Movement Party), Kelemen Hunor (the Hungarian Democratic Union in Romania), Dan Diaconescu (Party People – Dan Diaconescu), Constantin Rotaru (the Socialist Alliance Party), Corneliu Vadim Tudor (the Greater Romania Party), William Branza (the Romanian Ecological Party), Mirel Mircea Amaritei (Prodemo) and Szilagyi Zsolt, from the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania.
The presidential race also includes three independent candidates – Teodor Melescanu, Monica Macovei and Gheorghe Funar.
The 14 candidates collected over 7.5 million signatures which means that one of two Romanians expressed his adhesion for those who have entered the presidential race. Reported to the total number of Romanians with right to vote, which according to the latest official figures is 18.3 million, this number of expressed adhesion signatures is incredible.
Simple calculations show that at a presence of 60% voters, as it was registered at the previous presidential elections, 7 million valid votes are enough to decide the winner of the race.
Interesting to mention is that the two main competitors enrolled in the race, Victor Ponta (PSD) and Klaus Iohannis (ACL) registered to BEC with similar number of signatures, about 2.2 million.
Constitutional Court overruled disputes on candidacies by Ponta, Iohannis and Macovei
On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court overruled five more disputes that aimed the candidacies of Victor Ponta, Klaus Iohannis and Monica Macovei at the Presidential elections, official sources declared for Mediafax.
CC judges rejected the disputes submitted to CC on Tuesday, three of them on Victor Ponta’s candidacy, one targeting Klaus Iohannis and one on Monica Macovei.
In the case of other two disputes, filed on Tuesday, too, at CC, regarding Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s candidacy, the discussions were postponed, because the respective documents were submitted before the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) issued the decision regarding the registration of the respective candidacy, the quoted sources mentioned.
The legal term for solving such disputes is 48 hours after they are registered.
On Tuesday, the Constitutional Court overruled two more disputes aimed at Ponta’s and, respectively, Macovei’s careers, after having reached the same decision on Sunday, on two other disputes regarding the PM’s candidacy.
The Court decisions are definitive and are issued to the Central Electoral Bureau.
On Sunday, before discussing the disputes, the head of CC, Augustin Zegrean, declared that he did not remember any of such such disputes filed to Court having been admitted, yet, each of them should be studied. Zegrean pointed out that a dispute filed to CC must be discussed even if does not contain contains details regarding the violations of the laws regarding the candidacy for Cotroceni.
Nitu, asked whether a candidate was under criminal pursuit: You demand too much of me.
General prosecutor Tiberiu Nitu replied to journalists on Tuesday, after being posed a question whether any of the attendants to the presidential elections was under criminal charges: “You demand too much of me”, adding that he will check the facts on Klaus’ Iohannis conflict of interest file and will give an answer regarding the solution.
After Tuesday’s meeting at the  Superior Council of Magistrates (CSM), Nitu was asked whether any of the candidates to the Presidential elections was legally prosecuted.
“You demand too much of me”, the General Prosecutor answered.
Boc: This year’s presidential elections are more
interesting than ever
Former PM Emil Boc considers that the presidential elections due this year are more interesting “than ever before”, considering the impressive number of candidates, fourteen, running for President, Mediafax reports.
On Wednesday, in a press conference, Emil Boc declared that never before were 14 candidates attending the elections for the highest position in the state.
“This year’s Presidential elections are more interesting than ever, if we consider, maybe, the number of attendees. We never had 14 candidates to the highest position in the state, two of whom are women”, Boc said.
Invited to comment on Teodor Melescanu’s entrance in the presidential elections, Boc said that anybody has the right to run for president if they fulfill legal conditions.
“It was a massive surprise for me, too, to see so many candidates appearing lately, but, if they fulfilled the conditions imposed by the law, this is a democratic country, everybody has the right to attend elections if they are legally suitable”, Emil Boc concluded.

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