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March 4, 2021

Censure motion against Ponta Government, overruled

A censure motion initiated by ACL and entitled ”Victor Ponta is a threat against the rule  of law! Stop PSD’s electoral fraud !”, was overruled by the Parliament on Monday evening, with 154 favourable votes. Moreover, there  were 12 negative votes and an abstention.

MPs representing PSD, PC, UNPR, PLR and UDMR did not attend the voting of the censure motion filed by ACL. The only ones to vote were PNL and PDL Senators and Deputies, as well as the non-affiliated ones belonging to PMP.

The censure motion was signed by 171 ACL MPs.

PM Victor Ponta declared that PDL members were always more prone to sign than to vote. “I frequently notice, without any irony, that PDL members always have more signatures and less voters. I hope their candidate would not be confronted with the same issue, of having less votes than signatures, because it would be a little more terrible”, Ponta declared after the motion was overruled. He also mentioned that a document like this should point out more important things.

“It is important that a censure motion should indeed show actual issues that must be criticised. There were many personal attacks. We will shrug it off and see to our duties”, the Premier declared.

According to Article No. 113 in the Constitution, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, in a common meeting, may withdraw their confidence granted to the Government by censure motion, were it to gain the votes of the majority of the Deputies and Senators.

288 votes would have been necessary to reach majority.

If the censure motion was overruled, the Deputies and Senators who signed it are not allowed to initiate another censure motion during the same season, except for cases when the Government assumes responsibility in the Parliament.


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