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June 27, 2022

Divident yields an advantage for Romanian market promotion


The high yield of dividends paid by the companies listed at the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) are an advantage for the Romanian market, and BVB introduced a new index to reflect this, which could be a useful instrument to promote the local market among corporate investors, BVB General Manager Ludwik Sobolewski told Agerpres in an interview.
Introducing the new BET-TR index was a good move, as many corporate investors closely monitor the overall performance of the market and of their investments, going beyond quotations and capital gains, to dividend being paid, Sobolewski said.
‘We are now working with several potential issuers for the IPO market; we are only interested in issuers who plan public offerings prior to listing. This is a market for small companies, but nonetheless important for us, because it will involve investors and create a renewed interest for the other markets,’ he explained.
The manager added that his top priority for the development of the various market segments at BVB is the share market, to be soon followed by bonds.
‘We will get more involved in the stimulation of appetite for corporate bond issues, probably as early as this year. The third priority is the derivatives market, sometime in the future, not right now. Why? Because we first need the top priority to materialize – having a deeper, more liquid share market to provide a sound basis of instruments for derivatives.’


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