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February 27, 2021

Elena Udrea: We should return to four-year presidential term

National leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Elena Udrea said Wednesday at Roman that she believes the term in office of Romania’s President should be reduced from five to four years, as previously in force, and the presidential election should be held in the same year as the general election, reports Agerpres.
‘I believe we should return to holding the general election and the presidential election in the same year, because holding them in different years has led to having an election each year, which is too much, given that politicians are many times irresponsible. The Government, because it fears the elections, no longer manages to do anything for the country. Their eyes are on the electorate, they become populists and demagogues, they fail to take the proper measures and try to buy the voters this way destroying the country. That is why I believe we should return to a four-year presidential term and holding the presidential election in the same year with the general election,’ said Udrea.
She added that the Right voters will join sides in the second round of this November’s presidential election, but a unification of the Right will be achieved after the election. ‘I can think of another form to reunite the Right, but I cannot tell you what it is now. I am sure that in the second round all the right-of-center voters will vote for me over Victor Ponta. The Right voters will join sides in the second round, but there is also a possibility of doing so before the second round. A unification of the parties will probably happen after the election. After I became the president of Romania, the People’s Movement Party (PMP) and the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), both parties that share the same history and same roots, will find themselves together under a single political project,’ said Udrea.
Udrea on Wednesday joined Roman Mayor Laurentiu Leoreanu in the opening of a micro water power plant on the Moldova River, located in the town of Romania.

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