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February 1, 2023

Iohannis: I fully trust Romanian Justice, and any decision by the Justice must be respected

Klaus Iohannis declared, while being under charges in a case of conflict of interest, that he was glad that a close date was scheduled, in order to solve “an issue that is falsely exploited” by his competitors for the Presidential chair. Iohannis also outlined that any decision the Court reaches must be respected.
“I am happy that they wish to establish a close term in order to solve an issue that was falsely exploited by my counter-candidates to the presidential elections. I hope that, once this subject is clarified, the electoral campaign will not be troubled anymore by using such attacks”, a statement by PNL President Klaus Iohannis, issued on Wednesday to the news agency Mediafax shows.
Iohannis also explained that, out of respect for the two million two hundred Romanians and their families, who decided to support him during this electoral campaign by signing for his candidacy, he considers that it is necessary for the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) to solve this case as fast as possible.
“I fully trust Romanian Justice, and any decision reached by them must be respected. Just like I always did, I will promptly answer any demand or appeal by Court”, Iohannis declared.
ICCJ has established the date of the first meeting regarding Klaus Iohannis incompatibility file on September 25. The file points out that the Alba Iulia Appeal Court has cancelled the report by the National Integrity Agency (ANI). The High Court will issue the definitive decision.
On April 24, 2013, The National Integrity Agency (ANI) had announced that it had found that the Mayor of Sibiu Klaus Iohannis is in a situation of incompatibility because he also represents the city in the General Ensemble of Shareholders for the company S. C. Apa Canal from Sibiu, since August 5, 2010, as well as for the company SC Piete, starting on April 30, 2009, which violates applicable laws.
On September 2013, Klaus Iohannis won the trial vs. ANI, after the Appeal Court of Alba Iulia has admitted his dispute to the evaluation report issued by ANI, which included the acknowledgement that the Mayor was under incompatibity and demanded that the respective evaluation report would be invalidated.
The appeal filed by ANI will be judged by the High Court of Cassation and Justice.
The General Prosecutor promised to deliver news in the Iohannis file as soon as he would have them
Questioned by journalists on the present state of Klaus Iohannis’ file at the prosecutors’ office, in which the criminal pursuit for conflict of interest was already started, General Prosecutor Tiberiu Nitu answered that he has no answers so far, but he was posed many questions on this topic and that he would try to get some answers. “I will check it and we will let you know whether a decision was made or whether Mr. Klaus Iohannis’ case was solved or not”, Nitu declared.
Legal sources had declared on March 19, for Mediafax, that the Mayor of Sibiu, Klaus Iohannis was not under criminal pursuit at that time, in the conflict of interest file at the Prosecutors’ Office.
“The legal pursuit was started against the deed, not the person. After the investigation, we will decide whether we would extend criminal pursuit to the person or not”, the quoted sources mentioned.
One day later, Iohannis was quoted mentioning that he was not worried by the research file initiated by the High Court Prosecutors’ Office regarding hi alleged conflict of interest, mentioning that, after the ANI report was filed, judges were demanded by law “to check whether it was a criminal deed.”
On August 2013, the National Integrity Agency (ANI) demanded the Prosecutors’ Office to investigate Klaus Iohannis for conflict of interest in the case of a contract signed on December 2010, as Mayor of Sibiu, with SC Tipografia Honterus SRL, owned by the Germans’ Democrat Forum, another institution he presided.

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