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October 26, 2021

Minister Dusa to be heard in Turcescu case

Corneliu Dobritoiu (PNL), the chairman of the Senate’s Defense Commission, stated on Tuesday that he will ask for Defense Mircea Dusa to be heard in order for the case concerning journalist Robert Turcescu to be cleared up, the decision on this proposal however belonging to the commission. “If Turcescu was undercover we will definitely not receive any information. If Turcescu was not even in the General Military Intelligence Directorate or the Military’s General Intelligence Directorate databases then this categorically can be said. “Turcescu was not in our database, period,”” Dobritoiu stated.

Former Defense Minister Corneliu Dobritoiu stated on Monday that Robert Turcescu is putting on “a show,” pointing out that his soldier’s record shows him to be in reserve, not active, and reserve military men do not receive pay except for the periods of mobilization for military training.

“What attests his rank and position in a military institution or specialization? So, what can I say… This is one of Mr. Turcescu’s shows, in which he is trying to draw state institutions, including legal liability on his account, in order to keep a subject going. Referring to the information that appeared in the press, with annexed photos, I have some comments to make, in the sense that the military record attests to the owner’s quality of being a reservist, not an active military man. From what I know, and I recall well, Mr. Turcescu no longer was an officer in reserve of the Ministry of National Defense. But from this to undercover officer… I have also seen some papers there presenting some figures,” Dobritoiu, the chairman of the Senate’s Defense Commission, stated. He pointed out that reserve officers “receive pay solely if they are mobilized for military training activities and solely for that period.”

“Apart from that, nobody else receives a penny from the Ministry of Defense, and I don’t recall signing any order to mobilize Mr. Turcescu while I was minister. It’s true, I signed an order to withdraw his rank of lieutenant-colonel, considering that it was obtained onerously. Beyond that, the whole story with the undercover officer… I believe it’s a recurrent theme to the one launched by the President and probably in an outburst of conscience Mr. Turcescu wanted to create a fuss,” Dobritoiu added.

The Ministry of Defense pointed out on Monday that it will not make any comments on the case concerning journalist Robert Turcescu – who has revealed that he has been an undercover officer –, the ministry pointing out that it is applying the laws of the country and that if irregularities are noted other state institutions are qualified to have a say.

“Concerning the information related to Robert Turcescu, information that appeared in the public sphere in recent days, we are making the following statements: the Ministry of Defense is not making any comments on this subject. The Ministry is applying the laws of the country and considers that debates that could damage the Romanian Army’s image are not beneficial. If irregularities are noted other state institutions are qualified to have a say,” the MoD communiqué reads.


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