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April 12, 2021

Minister Ioan Rus: Negotiations with Tarom unions result in favorable outlook

Since last week some of Tarom airline company’s internal flights have been cancelled because of the dissatisfaction that unions have expressed. The Transport Minister immediately set up a commission to analyze the employees’ dissatisfactions and to solve the labor conflict. But only yesterday did the talks between Transport Ministry representatives and Tarom unions concluded with the outlook of a favorable solution, Transport Minister Ioan Rus stated, pointing out that certain demands will be solved in 2015.
The official pointed out that certain aspects that cannot be solved at this moment will be solved on the basis of the airline company’s budget for next year.
“The outlook of a positive activity is absolutely real,” the Minister emphasized.
Rus pointed out that Tarom’s revenues are currently smaller than the costs and the company has losses on account of which it is difficult to sustain salary hikes or better labor conditions.
Asked by the press which of the unions’ demands will be solved this year or in 2015, the minister refused to give any details.
Sources from among the airline’s pilots stated at the start of last week that the Tarom pilots’ protest was generated by dissatisfactions with the salaries and the new collective labor contract – registered without their demands being taken into account – but also against the backdrop of some dissatisfaction concerning the airline company’s management.

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