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March 5, 2021

Teodor Melescanu, Vadim Tudor filed their candidacies for presidency on the last day

The former director of theRomanian Foreign IntelligenceService (SIE) Teodor Melescanuand Vadim Tudor were at theCentral Electoral Bureau (BEC)on Tuesday in order to file theircandidacies for the presidentialelections scheduled on November2. Tuesday was the last day onwhich candidates could sign upfor the presidential race.Teodor Melescanu filed hispresidential bid as independentcandidate supported by the SocialJustice Party, the National Councilof Civil Society and theDemocracy through LawFoundation. ‘About 400,000 signatureswere collected. Collectingthem were the Social Justice Party,the Democracy through LawFoundation and many youngnon-affiliated people who tookaction via Facebook and othersocial media networks,’ Melescanusaid.Corneliu Vadim Tudor alsofiled his candidacy for presidencyto the Central Electoral Bureau(BEC) representing the GreaterRomania Party (PRM). ‘Ourcountry is heading towards catastrophe,our country is a catastrophe.Nothing works anymore.Justice doesn’t work and the secretservices sometimes work againstthe national interest,’ saidCorneliu Vadim Tudor who specifiedhe gathered over 200,000 signatures.


Presidential candidate KlausIohannis, the chair of the NationalLiberal Party stated that his targetfor the first round of theNovember elections is to get 35percent of the votes, allowing himto face incumbent Prime MinisterVictor Ponta in the second round,reports Agerpres.Speaking on Monday night atthe Realitatea TV station, Iohanniscredited Ponta with 36 percent inthe first round – and smiled.Iohannis added he expects allthe former Liberal leaders, includingCrin Antonescu, to stand upand support him between the tworounds of the presidential election.He also dismissed any possiblenegotiation with the candidatesdefeated in the first round, to gettheir support.’I do not rely on votes directedby politicians, because I don’tbelieve in it. I am counting on thevoters’ options. I am not going tohave complex negotiations withany politician, I am counting onvoters’ options (…) because votersdon’t follow the politicians theychose in the first round, if these areeliminated from the competition.The voter would see two remainingpoliticians and simply choosesamong them. And this time it’ssimple, one’s a Leftist and I’m aRightist,’ Iohannis detailed.He denied the rumours of hispossible withdrawing from thepresidential race.’I am the candidate of the ACL[the Christian Liberal Alliance ofLiberals and Liberal Democrats], Iremain ACL’s candidate and I amgoing to win the presidency,’Iohannis declared.The talk about the candidatefor Romania’s president whoallegedly is an undercover intelligenceofficer should be clarified bythe one who launched it, so as toalleviate any suspicion regardingthe activity of the secret services,Liberal leader told Realitatea TVnews channel .’We are in a strategic partnershipwith the United States, we area NATO member, we are in theEuropean Union, our (secret) servicesare partners with the otherservices, are doing their job. Thisplay of saying there is an undercoverofficer during the electoral campaignseems to me that is sendingus on a wild-goose chase,” Mr.Iohannis said as quoted byAgerpres. “One should not makejokes of such a matter for electioneeringpurposes. I would say thatwe should clear the matter and thebest way is that the one whoopened the issue should also closeit and we should all matter ourown business. I do not think weshould put the (secret) services intosuch a thing”, Iohannis added inspeaking of President TraianBasescu’s recent remark that heknows there is an undercover officeramong the presidential hopefulsfor this November’s polls.He argued that the situationthus created does not hit the credibilityof the secret services, but itmay dent Romania’s image outsideits borders.’When one begins idle chatterabout the services, in a NATOcountry that considers itself serious,it does us no good. It is notgood to have such prolonged talkswith no proof, since actuallynobody has produced any clearproof’, the Liberal chairmanstressed.Iohannis added the issue seemsto him a diversion and underscoredhe had not felt he was beingtargeted by Basescu’s remarksabout an undercover officeramong the presidential candidates.’I am under the impressionthat it was a mere smoke bomblaunched to cover something else,I don’t know what. /…/ I havenothing to be afraid of, I did notfeel he was speaking of me, therewas no way he could have done it’,Iohannis said.The chair of the NationalLiberal Party thinks that a changeis necessary in Romania’s foreignpolicy as the country failed tostand out as a partner of NATOand of the European Union anddid not come up with its ownideas and approaches.”Unfortunately, we have both inNATO and in the EuropeanUnion a position I would qualifyas insipid, odourless and colourless.We’re somewhere around, wealways agree with our partners -which essentially is absolutely correct,and I would do the same -but we could take a step further.We can have our own ideas, wecan come with our ownapproaches, bring our ownnuance. However, lots and lots ofwork are necessary for that,” heasserted.’I want us to have a better profilewithin both NATO and theEuropean Union. In my opinion,it’s definitely not enough to say’yes, yes, thank you, we too.’There are so many issues wherewe could bring our own opinion,a positive one, obviously, not anegative one. And it’s preciselywhat I am going to do. I want mycountry to be heard and listenedto, not be among others. (…) Nowwe don’t matter much, we’resomewhere around, some goodguys, but lacking a profiled voice,’Iohannis claimed.


The Popular MovementParty’s (PMP) presidential candidateElena Udrea has stated thatthere are a lot of PDL membersthat support her in the presidentialrace, Klaus Iohannis being astranger to them.“There are many PDL membersthat think like Emil Boc andsupport me in this competition.Together we made history for thisparty, a history of victories likenobody else has. PDL has giventhe President twice, the BucharestMayor thrice, has won the generalelections and the EP elections, hasgiven almost half of the CountyCouncil and County Seat Councilchairmen in 2008,” Elena Udreastated in an interview for EVZ.According to PMP’s presidentialcandidate, a lot of PDLbranches are dissatisfied anddemobilized by the ChristianLiberal Alliance (ACL) “gimmick,”a solution because ofwhich they are forced to back acandidate foreign to them, foreignto PDL’s history, but especially tothe values they have defended forthe past 15 years. “Nobody hasany doubt that ACL will no longerexist after the elections, because infact there is no chemistry betweenthe two parties’ territorial branches:the Liberals continue to bebound to PSD because they didnot even want the break-up ofUSL,” Elena Udrea emphasized.Cluj Mayor Emil Boc hasexpressed his support for PMPpresidential candidate ElenaUdrea, describing her as “aredoubtable, feisty and hard opponentfor PSD and Victor Ponta.


PLR leader Calin PopescuTariceanu declared on Monday atthe TV show “Sinteza zilei”, brodcastedby the station Antena 3,that President Traian Basescu wastrying to detour electoral competitionand has no responsibility ofhis own statements.”In the argument of the dismissalrequest I started approximatelytwo weeks ago, I mentionedinterferences by thePresident which are not allowedby the Constitution. (…) Basescu’sgames clearly prove that he is tryingto denigrate a candidate, tothus detour the electoral competitionas he always does”, Tariceanudeclared.“If Basescu had any informationregarding an important personwhom the law forbids todetain a position as an undercoverofficers, he would have theobligation to name him, and notnow. He would have had the obligationto name him in themoment he discovered the violationof the law”, the former PMdeclared.Tariceanu revealed his opinionthat Traian Basescu has launchedthis topic (of the undercover officer,editor’s note) in a moment thepublic opinion was completelyfocused on his dismissal request.Thus, Basescu allegedly attemptedto detour discussions.The President of the Senateclaims that “Traian Basescu hasno responsibility of his own statements”.“I see this matter as follows:some people think dismissingthe President would bringinstability, but what sort of stabilitydo you have with a Presidentthat has no stability of his ownstatements and talks about undercoverofficers?


Seven more claims were introducedto the ConstitutionalCourt on Tuesday against candidatesin the presidential election:Victor Ponta (three), CalinPopescu Tariceanu (two), KlausIohannis (one) and MonicaMacovei (one).The claims will be heard onWednesday. On Tuesday, theConstitutional Court declinedtwo other claims against Pontaand Macovei’s candidacies, havingdecided in the same way on twoclaims challenging the candidacyof the prime minister.

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