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January 16, 2022

”UN, an indispensable instrument of our joint efforts towards a peaceful and just world”

Addressing the  UN General Assembly in New York, Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta reiterated Romania’s firm and unwavering commitment to the United Nations, to its Charter, and to the values and principles that guide its action. « Let me recall the words of the well known Romanian diplomat, Nicolae Titulescu, President of the League of Nations: “today’s ideal is the reality in the making”. In this vein, Romania is committed to continue to defend the international law and the principle of the peaceful settlement of disputes while promoting human rights with the purpose of achieving more prosperity for all, »said Romanian PM.
In his speech, Ponta to reconfirmed Romania’s clear and firm position on the crisis in Ukraine: Romania rejects any form of external pressure towards the States in Eastern Europe having European integration aspirations.
“Romania firmly supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. A strong, united and sovereign Ukraine, committed to its European path and to thorough reforms in the economic and political fields is in the best interest of Europe,”.
“Regional cooperation has been a permanent goal and a pillar of Romania’s foreign policy. This is based on the geopolitical potential of Romania, a country situated at the crossroads of the Danube and Black Sea regions with Northern Europe and the Balkans. We consider regional cooperation a major means to ensure regional stability, to build confidence among States and to promote the universal principles and values of the UN Charter. Regional cooperation is not only a political process, but also a framework to implement regional projects encompassing economy, environment, infrastructure, and cross-border cooperation, with  a long term impact on all the countries and on the peoples in the region. As an EU Member State, Romania is promoting projects of regional cooperation mainly through the EU Strategy for the Danube River, the EU Black Sea Synergy and the South-Eastern European Cooperation Process,” Mr. Ponta emphasized in his address.

Premier Ponta also expressed in his speech Romania’s concern by the increase of political, security and strategic challenges in the European Union Southern neighborhood and in the Middle East. “The proliferation of radical Islamist movements and the emergence of new groups, such as ISIS, lead to an enhanced terrorist threat. ISIS represents a new breed of terrorism, which threatens to destabilize the entire Middle East. ISIS goes beyond Iraq and Syria, and therefore it must be dealt with by all States, especially those in the Middle East. We must all stand united and fight terrorism wherever it arises. We must remain firm in defending the principle that any process aimed at state construction or reconstruction should proceed only in peaceful manner, based on an inclusive political and societal dialogue and on solutions agreed by all involved parties,” said Romanian PM.
In the end, Ponta stressed that this year, 2014, resonates differently for Romanians. “25 years ago, our steps on the path of the democratic transition journey have painfully started. In 1989, Romanians chose democracy, respect for all human rights and freedoms. We encountered difficulties, but our determined efforts – at the level of the political leadership and with the support of the citizens, have led to a successful transition. For 25 years, transposing the promise for a better future for all Romanians has become a daily task ».
“The year 2015 marks an important moment for the United Nations: the beginning of a new era of sustainable development, hopefully, one that will give all people on this planet a chance for a better life. 70 years after its inception, the UN proves to remain an indispensable instrument of our joint efforts towards a peaceful and just world, » concluded Mr. Ponta.

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