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March 2, 2021

Prosecutors demanded Adrian Sobaru’s preventive arrest

District 1 Court Prosecutors questioned Adrian Sobaru on Thursday and filed a preventive arrest proposal on his case for damage and disturbing the peace and public order, requesting that he would be legally pursuit.
TVR employee Adrian Sobaru has a previous history of having thrown himself from the balcony of the Parliament Plenum Hall in a suicide attempt aimed as a protest, back in 2010, had this time entered the gates of the Palace Victoria by car this Wednesday. After breaking the barrier, Sobaru entered the yard of the Government Headquarters by car and continued driving for a few more dozens of metres. Afterwards, Adrian Sobaru was stopped and arrested by gendarmes and carried to police station no. 1. He yelled at the gendarmes who pinned him down: “Do you like the way this country looks like?”, witnesses to the incident reported.
The police questioned him for a few hours and issued an arrest ordinance of 24 hours on his name.
According to Bucharest Police Department, Sobaru intentionallz hit one of the access barriers to the headquarters of the Romanian Government.
TVR: At the time of the incident, Sobaru was outside his work schedule
TVR representatives declared for Mediafax that Adrian Sobaru, light technician at the Electricity and Technology Department of the Romanian Television, was outside his work schedule during his incident at the Government headquarters.
“Similarly to the rest of the Service employees, Sobaru has a fractioned schedule and, according to that, he was free”, TVR representatives declared.
TVR did not mention whether they would take any measure regarding Sobaru, considering his quality as a TVR employee.
In 2010, at the meeting of the Parliament Chambers on December 23, 2010, Adrian Sobaru threw himself from the balcony of the Parliament Plenum Hall in a protesting attempt of suicide, while yelling: “Boc, you violated children’s rights!”
At that time, Sobaru fell from a height of five metres on one of the plenum hall boards, which was crushed under his weight. He was wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “You broke us / You took away our children’s future / You may take our life and money, but not our freedom”.
Adrian Sobaru’s lawyer declared on Thursday, at the exit of the District 1 Court Prosecutors’ Office that the prosecutors had filed a proposal of preventive arrest in his client’s case, arrested by police a day ago for damage and disturbing the peace after having broken an access barrier to the Government headquarters with his car.

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