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November 28, 2021

Robert Turcescu’s first statements after disclosure: “I am not trying to run away from anything. I wish for fair judges”

Journalist Robert Turcescu declared, during an interview at Romania TV, that the last few days following his coming out as an undercover officer of the Army were the happiest of his life, except for the day his child was born.
“They are the happiest days of my life, if I don’t take into account the day my child was born. I have nothing more to add. I said what I had to say, I showed what I had to show”, Robert Turcescu declared.
The journalist mentioned he wished for fair judges, in front of whom he would be willing to reveal everything, under oath with his hand on the Bible” and outlined that he feels no need to explain himself to public opinion.
From now on, the responsibility of judgment is not mine anymore. Everything I want is to have fair judges and to say everything I have to say in front of people who are entitled to judges. Other people who approve or criticise me have the right to do so, but I, Robert Turcescu, am in a context in which I wish to be in front of a fair judge. I am not the one to decide what I did and what I did not. I had a burden, I carried it for so long, but now I got rid of it and I feel peaceful”, Robert Turcescu mentioned in his Wednesday evening interview at RTV.
“I am not running away from anything, you found me at home, I talked to you, I do not want to make any comments. I do not want to explain myself to the public opinion. If I want to say something, I will say it in front of whom it concerns, not on TV and not at the gates”, Robert Turcescu added.
On Sunday, Turcescu had started a genuine media storm after having written a post entitled “Acknowledgment and Confession”, revealing that he was an undercover lieutenant-colonel. His self-denunciation, as well as the moment chosen for the mentioned action, took everybody by surprise, not just his former colleagues at the TV station B1TV, but also high officials who either expressed an utter bewilderment and demanded an investigation of the situation, or declared it was an operational game.
Ponta: Basescu threw in the
fishing net, but caught
an unexpected fish – Turcescu
President Traian Basescu threw in the fishing net of the covert officer subject, but caught an unexpected fish, Robert Turcescu who, watching the debate and with something on his conscience, chose to free himself’, Victor Ponta said, according to Mediafax.
‘Basescu threw in the fishing net to see if he could get Ponta, or perhaps Iohannis, or Macovei, but caught an unexpected fish. He caught Turcescu, who, probably, watching the debate and with something on his conscience – for I suspect only a deep feeling of guilt can lead to confessions of that kind – chose to free himself, so to say’, Ponta said on Antena 3 TV.
He added that Turcescu was a pawn, one of the men who do the job, yet more zealous than the rest, for a political regime coordinated by the president, but noted he didn’t know whether he was a covert officer of any intelligence body or not. The PM did say the only thing he knew was that Turcescu had denigrated Basescu’s opponents and hosted the final TV debate between Traian Basescu and Mircea Geoana before the 2009 presidential election.
Prosecutor General Tiberiu Nitu had said on Tuesday that the High Court Prosecutor’s Office was assessing the situation in Robert Turcescu’s case, following his confession to having been a covert officer, and said the institution would communicate its decision on a possible investigation for an offence.
The Ministry of Defence said on Monday that it would not make any comments on the case of journalist R. Turcescu and noted that it would continue to enforce the laws of the country and that other institutions have jurisdiction over any illegality that might be discovered in relation to that.
‘Regarding the information on Robert Turcescu that has emerged in the public space in the last few days, we are making the following statement: the Ministry of National Defence is not commenting the subject in any way. MoD enforces the laws of the countries and its position is that any debates that could jeopardise the image of the Romanian Army are not welcome. Should any irregularities be ascertained, the jurisdiction is with other institutions of the state’, reads a MoD release.
Ex-Defence Minister Corneliu Dobritoiu said on Monday that R. Turcescu was staging ‘a masquerade’, explaining that the military book only attests to a person’s position as a reservist, not as an active member of the military, and that ‘reservists receive payment for the periods when they are called up for military training and only for those periods’.
In 2012, the Ministry of National defence confirmed that journalist Robert Turcescu had received the rank of lieutenant-colonel. Turcescu’s name was on a list containing politicians, former ministers, mayors, presidents and other journalists. At the time, Robert Turcescu said, in a letter to MoD, that, to him, such thing was a ‘regrettable error’, demanding that ‘the situation should be urgently resolved by reinstating the reality: Romanian citizen who did not attend military service and therefore cannot be a member of the body of officers of the Romanian Army’.

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