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October 18, 2021

Udrea: All candidates ought to sign affidavits that were not covert officers

The candidate of PMP for president, Elena Udrea, said on Thursday that all candidates should sign affidavits declaring that they were not covert officers, because, she said, a president who keeps a secret like that can be blackmailed by anyone for personal or group interests, Mediafax reports.
‘I would propose to all competitors to sign an affidavit declaring they were not covert officers, an affidavit not necessarily under the incidence of the criminal law, but a document coming from morality, backed by the argument of honesty. Everyone should declare they were not covert officers’, Elena Udrea said on Adevarul Live/
She declared she had not been and was not a covert officer for any intelligence agency and that she could never be one.
‘The Robert Turcescu case, as it has unfolded, indicates that it is very important for a possible future president not to have such secrets because he/she could be blackmailed and put under pressure at any time’, Udrea further said.
She added that a president with a secret like that could be blackmailed by anyone who knew the secret – intelligence employees, for example – for personal or group interests. ‘I don’t think a service, an institution could blackmail the president of Romania, but anyone who works for such an institution could do that personally, for private or group interests, why not?’ Udrea said. She added that situations where the president of Romania had any reasons to be blackmailed should be prevented.
“I don’t make a launch like the one Ponta made, we march against the Government and share schoolbooks”
Udrea announced that she did not want the launch of her candidacy to resemble Victor Ponta’s event. Therefore, she decided to organize a march against poor governing on Sunday, mentioning that she has bought school bags and textbooks to be distributed all over the country.
“After Victor Ponta’s grandiose launch on the National Arena, we decided not to make the launch of my candidacy in any way that would resemble it. We will have an unconventional launch. We used the money we would have spent at the Palace Hall and bought school bags and textbooks we will distribute throughout the country and, on Sunday, we will organize a march against poor governing and in favour of jobs. The route is from the Palace Hall to the Government headquarters”, Udrea announced on Thursday at Adevarul live.
The politician mentioned that, this way, she is attempting to break the pattern exhibited by Victor Ponta, adding that there were other parties who also competed to gather as many people and to spend as much as possible.
“We try to break the pattern exhibited by Victor Ponta, which perfectly resembles Ceausescu’s events on the “August 23” Stadium. Also, other parties compete for gathering crowds and squandering money”, Udrea outlined.
Victor Ponta launched his candidacy for the Presidential elections on Saturday. Elena Udrea, who’s campaign was to be officially launched at the Palace Hall, declared that Victor Ponta’s event resembled the huge meetings of Ceausescu’s time when huge crowds were brought to Bucharest to form the name of the supreme leader. She ironically added:  “Ponta is launching himself just like the President of North Korea.”

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