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February 27, 2021

William Brinza swears on the Constitution he was not an undercover officer, challenges Macovei

PER candidate to Presidency William Brinya swore on the Constitution on Sunday that he was not, and never had been an undercover officer and challenged Monica Macovei to do the same, based on the pattern of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Mediafax reported.
“I truly believe that it is very important for the citizens of this country to know whom they are electing and who will represent their interests for the five years to come. I think this right of the citizens must be respected. I was asked many times if I was an undercover officer or not and, although my answer is very firm, the press loved to feed that doubt, as to whether William Brinza was an undercover officer or not”, the PER candidate to Presidency explained in a press conference.
He also mentioned that he wants to eliminate any doubt on this matter. “My firm answer is: I am not and I never was an undercover officer”, Brinza pointed out.
He swore with his hand on the Constitution: “I swear on my honour and conscience that I was not and I will never be an officer, an agent or a collaborator of any structure or intelligence service, in Romania or abroad”, William Brinza declared.
The PER candidate challenged all attendees to the Presidential campaigns to do the same and added that, initially, he challenged Monica Macovei to make this oath.
“Afterwards, Monica would name the candidate she challenges. It is based on the rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge. I do it first, and challenge Mrs. Macovei to do it as well”, Brinza announced.
He mentioned that, although the law forbids former officers to run for the election, he is personally against “publicly confronting a candidate who was supposed to be an undercover officer” and that he wished to attempt an “imagination exercise”.
“Romania is confronted with a terrible crisis, during which the President, its only hope for a proper solution, falls into depression, just like Robert Turcescu did. It may happen under extreme circumstances. The voters who supported him never knew he was an officer. What happens at that moment with the country, with citizens who voted for him?”, William Brinza asked. Also, the PER candidate outlined that the events surrounding Robert Turcescu raised a lot of question marks for him.
“There are suspicions that there are officers in justice, press, other state institutions. Today, we discuss whether the undercover officer was a candidate to Presidency or not”, William Brinza insisted.

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