Iohannis: “My vision on Romania, things well done”!

The Christian Liberal Alliance  (ACL) candidate to Presidency, Klaus Iohannis, launched his campaign on Saturday. At the launch meeting, he declared that his vision on Romania may be defined as “things well done” and that he will enter the competition wishing to “turn Romania into a country that knows what it wants and that can achieve what it wants”, therefore he challenges his competitors to a serious debate.
“I confess, it is not easy, it is a special moment for me. It is an honour and a great responsibility. I start this battle for Romania’s Presidency with trust and confidence”, Iohannis declared in front of the enthusiastic supporters who gathered to the ACL meeting organized at the Victoriei Square from every corner of the country; a meeting that stopped traffic in central Bucharest for several hours.
Among the supporters that took the stage set in Victoria Square in Bucharest to hold speeches were Vasile Blaga, Catalin Predoiu, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Alina Gorghiu, Ludovic Orban and Gheorghe Falca.
The attendants, who were in 50,000 in number according to ACL co-chairman Vasile Blaga, came with banners saying “Klaus Iohannis – President” and “Little Titulescu – the new Ceausescu”, as well as Romania’s national flags.
Klaus Iohannis added that he believed in democracy, in freedom, in laws and in politics done with seriousness and respect. He also stated that he was “a man of deeds, not a man of words”, “a man of kept promises, not a man of scandals and shows”, “a man who builds, not a man who destroys”.
“My vision, as Romania’s President, can be described simply, but comprehensively, as a country of things well done! (…) I am telling you with full belief: things can be done in Romania. I entered the Presidential competition with this idea: to turn Romania into a country that knows what it wants and that can achieve what it wants! A country of things well done!”, Iogannis outlined.
“The present Government has disappointed us”
According to Iohannis, “the present Government disappointed us”. He also declared that “if you have no values and believe in nothing when you are at Palace Victoria, you will go on having no values and believing in nothing at Cotroceni, as well.”
He also said that today’s leaders “lack vision” and thus “waste our potential in insignificant matters, unrelated to real life”. “Today’s leaders lack of vision makes us waste our potential in insignificant matters, unrelated to real life”, Iohannis added.
Klaus Iohannis explained that he was certain that there were people and TV stations who would focus on nothing else but attacking him during his campaign. “I am sure that, at this time, there are people and TV station who would focus on nothing else but attacking me. There are TV stations who just cannot stop inventing stories about me and throwing diversions on the market”, Iohannis revealed, also adding that these things do not interest him, do not affect him and will not stop him.
Blaga: Iohannis will finish the “westernization” process of Romania
PDL President Vasile Blaga, Co-chairman of the Christian Liberal Alliance   has stated on Saturday that PNL leader Klaus Iohannis will do from Cotroceni for Romanians what he has done from the Sibiu Town Hall for the people of Sibiu and that he will finish the ‘westernization’ process of Romania.
“Iohannis has created, in Sibiu, tens of thousands of jobs and unemployment has disappeared, the liar Victor Ponta has created a million jobs. Where are they? This year alone he has destroyed 100,000 jobs. Iohannis has brought Romanian and foreign investors to Sibiu, investors avoid Ponta ‘like the plague’ and each day Romanian companies go bankrupt. Iohannis will do from Cotroceni for Romanians what he has done from the Sibiu Town Hall for the people of Sibiu and that he will finish the ‘westernization’ process of Romania”, said Blaga at the event dedicated to the launching of the candidacy of Klaus Iohannis in the presidential elections.
EPP leader criticizes Ponta government
The Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP), Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, has criticized the current government and Prime Minister Victor Ponta, on Saturday, at the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) event marking the launching of the presidential bid of Klaus Iohannis.
“At the level of the EPP leadership we watched stupefied what the Government of Prime Minister Ponta has done in Romania through emergency ordinances that elude the rule of law, that offer free reign to electoral bribery and political migration. We have assisted, stunned, at the haunting statements of Prime Minister Ponta, currently a presidential candidate, that compares the mandate of the current President of Romania with Nazi atrocities. Such an absurd manifestation can rarely be found in a European leader, and we in Europe will not tolerate these kind of politicianist approaches”, said Antonio Lopez-Isturiz.
Ponta: U.S. has no idea who Iohannis is, but they know me quite well
Romania’s American partners and European leaders have no idea who Klaus Iohannis is, Victor Ponta declared, also mentioning that US officials only know him, whom they have wonderfully worked with for two years and a half, since he became PM, and President Traian Basescu, who is finishing his mandate.
Asked by the Romania TV reporter whether he had discussed Romania’s electoral campaign and whether the US are wishing continuity in Romania’s foreign politics, Ponta answered: “Obviously, the US are seeking stability and predictability in their relation with Romania. They worked with me as a PM for two years and a half and they are aware of this.”

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