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March 21, 2023

Melescanu would accept ACL support if Iohannis is found incompatible by ICCJ

The independent candidate to Presidency Teodor Melescanu declared in an interview for RFI that he would accept being supported by the Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL), were PNL President Klaus Iohannis to be declared incompatible by the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ).
“I am not hiding my intentions at all and I said it ever since I submitted my file as a candidate to the Central Electoral Bureau that I see the responsibility of being President as a position where one represents the interests of all Romanians. From this point of view, it is obvious that I have no issues whatsoever, in the contrary, I would be more than happy to contribute with my modest means to the election of a President that would be supported by the central and right wing”, Teodor Melescanu declared.
Melescanu is also pleading for a re-equilibration of the political balance in Romania. “I honestly believe that, in order to have a functional democracy, it is highly necessary, even compulsory, that the political power would not be concentrated in a sole political area. At this time, the socialists and their allies have a huge majority, at least on paper, they have the PM and the Government. I believe with all my heart that the political balance must be re-equilibrated in Romania. If people will understand it, everything will be fine.”
In Teodor Melescanu’s opinion, Klaus Iohannis’ candidacy to presidency is “thoroughly damaged” at the time being. “It is obvious that, at the time being, the candidate of the Christian Liberal Alliance is struggling with certain challenges. We are not the ones to decide in this matter, Justice may declare him compatible or incompatible, but this mere fact in itself thoroughly damages this candidacy, although I do not intend to other candidates on a personal basis. But, as an attempt to run for President, it is a candidacy that stands no visible chance in a battle against the representative of socialists, Mr. Victor Ponta.
Asked whether he would accept being supported by ACL during his campaign, Teodor Melescanu replied: “The answer is “yes”. And I would be genuinely delighted by it, because I would consider it a very wise decision”.
On Thursday, the Supreme Court has postponed for September 30 the decision regarding the acceptability of the appeal filed by the National Integrity Agency (ANI), accusing Klaus Iohannis of incompatibility.

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